Review: Nobunagun, Episode 8: Tunnel


Well, plot wise this was certainly a step up from the previous episode. Also, in light of the information discussed at the beginning of this episode, I suppose they added some deeper purpose to last week’s episode, although I still feel like there wasn’t a whole lot added to the series by that one. Before we get to the meat of this episode, though, we have to deal with an extended unsavory scene, from about 4:38 – 6:00, but more about that in the Christian Perspective section.

In particular, this was a pretty decent episode for character development. While Galileo’s devotion to Vidocq isn’t anything new, this episode shows just how far she’s willing to go for him. It also goes to reinforce how cold Vidocq can be. I still don’t have a good feeling about that guy. While he seems to be working for the advancement of Dogoo’s goal, I still think he comes across as suspicious. Maybe it’s just because he’s a cold character, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he betrays the organization at some point. Of course, the true development was seen in our titular character.

Maybe character development isn’t exactly the most accurate term, but Sio certainly stepped it up this time around. At one point in the episode, her conjectures are quickly dismissed, but we see the value of her ability to analyze a situation come into play near the end of the episode. It’s a side of Sio’s (or rather Nobunagun’s) character that I don’t believe we’ve seen before, and hopefully it will earn her some more respect from the team.

As you probably expected from the last episode, First and Second Platoon are brought together this time, and we see how the two teams don’t exactly get along. I’m sure this will be the subject matter of a future plot point, or at least it should be. If the two teams continue in their rivalry (or just their general inability to get along), it can only serve to hinder Dogoo’s operations. That, or Nobunagun will just become an overpowered killing machine.

A Christian Perspective:

First, let me just say this: skip 4:38 – 6:00. Seriously. It adds nothing to the episode and is just pure, pointless fanservice. Sio is having a dream, in which we see her, Asao, and Newton in bikinis, all showing cleavage, with Asao’s top showing even more of her breasts (possibly about half). In the dream, Jack and Ghandi also show up, with the former in swim trunks and the latter in a speedo. In the dream, they’re gay. Newton also shows up and claims that Sio is her lover. She goes to kiss Sio at one point, though we are spared the visual of them actually kissing. There is absolutely no rhyme, reason, or purpose to this whole scene, so I feel no reservations about saying that Christian viewers–and indeed, any viewer with a measure of discretion–should simply skip this portion of the episode.

Beyond that, the use of vulgar language is certainly amped up this time around, especially when compared to last week’s episode. This may change based on how you view this episode (I watch Crunchyroll’s subs for those unaware); I’m not sure how translations work, so some translators may translate more or less curse words. Violence is, of course, present, as it has been in pretty much every episode of Nobunagun. There is some actual human blood shed this time around, too. It certainly isn’t the most violent entry in this series, though.

There you have it. My biggest gripe, as always, comes down to the fanservice. Violence in an action show is to be expected, and we could certainly debate about how Christians should approach violent media, but for me it’s not a particular stumbling block. If it is for you, then you should probably avoid Nobunagun. We could certainly do without the foul language, though.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “j**z”, 1 “d***it”, 3 “b*st**d”, 1 “s**t”, 2 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Asao is shown in a skimpy bikini, with her top showing ample cleavage (possibly more like half her breasts), and Sio is also shown in a bikini, thus cleavage (at least, that’s the term I’m using to describe it); Jack is shown in his swim trunks (so, shirtless) and Ghandi is shown in a speedo; Newton is also shown in a bikini (thus, again, cleavage); Gaudi’s picture of Sio in a bikini again makes an appearance

Violence: Three characters are hit by a tentacle; an EIO is sliced; an EIO has its tentacles sliced and stomped; exploding EIOs are launched at the E Gene holders; a portion of a ship is blown up; a character is hit in the face with a piece of debris

Blood/Gore: Blood is shown running down a character’s face; a character is shown with a bandaged face, and blood can be seen seeping through

Other: Sio has a dream where Jack and Ghandi are lovers, and in this same dream Newton pops up and claims that she is Sio’s lover; in the dream, Newton goes to kiss Sio (complete with the tongue animation), though we don’t actually see her kiss Sio (this is from about 4:38 – 6:00)


5 thoughts on “Review: Nobunagun, Episode 8: Tunnel

  1. DataportDoll

    ; I’m not sure how translations work, so some translators may translate more or less curse words.

    For the record! There are very few, what WE would deem, “curse words” in Japanese. Like, “temae” is almost always translated as “you b—-rd”, but -literally- it just means “you”. It is merely a very disrespectful form. The “curse word” is inserted because you CAN transliterate the context in English, so the effort is made (and often, that’s what they “mean”, it has become the accepted rule by practice rather than definition, though) The word “omae” is a more “neutral” address and is generally just translated as “you” (a more visible form of this is the progression through -kun, -san, and -sama honorifics). Details like this are why some regard Japanese-English translation more art than science.

    The more you know! I don’t know if anyone specifically translates PG-rated subs, but they might be out there, I’m not too hip on the translation community.

    1. rmiller1656 Post author

      “The more you know!”

      Yes, indeed! I’d probably know that if I had actually stuck with studying Japanese. It’s one of those things I occasionally think about trying to pick up again, but then never follow through on. Thank you for sharing that information.

  2. Sunshine cristine

    We’ll at the first place I think why jack and geronimo are against each other is because they might had a thing like you know serious thing…


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