By Title


Aldnoah Zero


Brynhildr in the Darkness


Captain Earth
Classroom Crisis


Engaged to the Unidentified


Golden Time
Gundam Build Fighters




Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN


Magical Warfare
Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
My Teen Romantic Comedy Too!




One Week Friends


The Pilot’s Love Song
Plastic Memories




Sailor Moon Crystal
Sword Art Online II


Tonari no Seki-kun


Wolf Girl and Black Prince
World is Still Beautiful, The


Young Black Jack
Your Lie In April

8 thoughts on “By Title

  1. Katie

    Could you please review some older anime series on here (like what’s on Just Dubs, for example)? That would be a huge help.

  2. Timothy

    Could you please try to review anime “evangelion”. There are lots of christian and judaism symbol in that anime so perhaps i would love to hear your thought and perspective about that anime. Thanx and GBU

  3. Patricia

    Could you please review Cardcaptor Sakura? In that serie there are magical powers, clow cards, reincarnation, magical circles. I used to love that show so much, but when I became a christian I got worried about the magical powers in there, the clow cards, reincarnation, clow reed seems to be some sort of god and sakura might be even more ‘powerful’ than clow reed. So that would mean, she would be some sort of goddess, though she seem to be pure.They do have some good things, like family values, putting others above themselves, romance, although it seems weird now considering their ages and good friendships.
    I wonder about other christian thoughts about that series.
    I learned that Japan is a land full of idols and that scares me a bit, because it is reflected through animes.

    Thank you very much in advance and God Bless you.

  4. Patricia

    I meant :”(although it seems weird now considering their ages), and good friendships.

    Sorry for the confusion

    1. Jen

      You should learn to respect others’ cultures. In Japanese culture, gods and demons are almost the same. They differ in their choices whether to help humans or not. Why must you worry about what they worship if they live oceans from you? If you don’t feel that it’s something you’d be comfortable with, don’t watch it.

      1. rmiller1656 Post author

        I’m sorry, where did I disrespect other people’s cultures? I simply mention content in my reviews that other people may find offensive, regardless of whether I do or not. That is so they can do just as you suggested: avoid it if they are uncomfortable. I cater to a specific audience: Christian anime fans; however, even non-Christians tend to be concerned about certain content, especially when it comes to parents filtering things for their child. If the purpose of my blog offends you, then I will politely remind you that you are under no obligation or requirement to visit the site or to read anything written here.

      2. Carissa Hernandez

        What is disrespectful about warning others that are interested in knowing the content of a show?
        Christians want to keep away from worshipping idols and we believe demons are evil and there is only one God who is in complete opposition to evil. We follow Jesus Christ because we love him and he loves us and saved us.
        How is this disrespectful to other cultures?
        Why does this offend you?

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