Review: The Piltot’s Love Song, Episode 8: The Name of the Bird


Well that was… intense. We pick up pretty much where we left off last week, with the trainees going out to fight against the enemy in an attempt to defend Isla. Of course, Isla is getting devastated at the same time, and really the whole thing is just a huge mess. The vast majority of this episode is devoted to action scenes, so if you’re not a fan of violence/combat then this may not be too enjoyable for you. Of course, skipping this episode may raise questions in subsequent episodes (such as, where did so-and-so go?).
Honestly, this was a sad episode, and at the same time kind of frustrating. Killing off a couple of well-developed characters is certainly a good way to get an emotional reaction. Massacring a large number, on the other hand, kind of dulls the feeling, because it stops being surprising after a while. I suppose there is always the potential that the viewer will hold on to hope until a character is gone. Okay, I suppose I was fairly disappointed when I saw who all died this time around. I guess it is a bit conflicting, too. On the one hand, I think it probably would have been more impactful to just have a couple characters killed off. On the other hand, I suppose it is more realistic to see a bunch of trainees in garbage planes get decimated by the much more advanced enemy aircraft (thanks Crunchyroll comments section).
The Crunchyroll comments section does raise another good point, though, of how the trainees were able to shoot down armored planes with their rifles, while one trainee plane takes a decent amount of damage and still remains airborne. It didn’t occur to me until reading that, but I suppose that is a bit over the top. It may just be that it’s easier to suspend your disbelief while watching the show, though, and I never would have thought it absurd had I not scrolled through the comments. Such is the price I pay for reading through them, I suppose.
My final point of criticism is the end of the episode. The two characters featured there seem way too happy, given the number of people they just watched die. Granted, I’ve never been through a combat situation, and I certainly don’t know what it feels like to be among the few survivors of a tragic event, so maybe there is some legitimate explanation for it, but seeing two characters tease each other while showing no real signs of sadness kind of makes the moment feel unrealistic.
Despite all of these criticisms, though, I wouldn’t even think to call this a bad episode. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but I did enjoy it, and wanted to see what would happen. Honestly, they do kind of keep you wondering about a certain character’s fate (a character whose death would probably be more impactful than any of the others that took place this time around). We also get to see Ignacio actually do something this time around. I’m still not sure what his ultimate role will end up being, but thanks to the last episode we now have an idea as to what his purpose on Isla is. Judging from the previews, next week’s episode also appears to be intense, although in a different way, especially if what I think is going to happen actually happens.
A Christian Perspective:
Violence is the primary issue this time around, at least if you are opposed to portrayals of violence. Thankfully none of it is “graphic” or gory, although there is some blood shown, but even that is scarce, which is surprising given the number of deaths in this episode. There is plenty of air combat going on, as well as human versus human combat. Beyond that, there are a few uses of vulgar language, one of which involves Jesus’ name in vain.
Content Guide:

Language: 2 “d**n”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: Houses and buildings are bombed; planes fire at each other; planes go down in flames; a person is shown falling in the wreckage of a plane; anti-aircraft fire; people fire at each other, one person is shot; a man is shot through the head; more people are shot; more plane-on-plane gunfire, more planes destroyed, a scene that shows a gunner shot and killed; another gunner is shown to be shot and killed

Blood/Gore: Possibly some blood coming from the person falling in the plane’s wreckage; blood is shown soaking through a character’s jacket; another character has a cut with blood on his face

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