Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 21: Complication -Nemesis-


With Sailor Moon captured, leaving Sailor Venus as the only active member of the Senshi left, what can we expect from this episode? Well, lots of back story, for starters. We were previously filled in on some of the details by King Endymion, and this episode takes it even further to explain the motivations behind the Black Moon’s assault from Demande’s perspective. Apparently, they considered the idea of an unaging body to be unnatural, which was at least part of their desire to attack Earth. Elsewhere, Venus and Tuxedo Mask consult with the image of King Endymion, where they learn more about Chibi-usa, particularly a specific detail about her appearance. Elsewhere, we see some back story through Chibi-usa’s eyes, both in regards to her personal life as well as the day the Black Moon invaded the Earth.

Overall, it’s not a very eventful episode, although it is very informative. While there is effort put in to explain more of the Black Moon’s motivations, the main focal point has to be Chibi-usa, who seems to descend further into a state of depression and hopelessness as the episode carries on. Despite being a princess, her life has not been easy, and she certainly didn’t seem to receive the respect due one of such a rank. Thankfully, her story is not all doom-and-gloom, as we at least get to see how Chibi-usa and Sailor Pluto first came to be friends, with Sailor Pluto showing her some genuine affection. Thankfully, the episode manages to avoid being boring despite its lack of plot progression (save for what happens at the end), unless you’re really not a fan of Chibi-usa. Even so, some of the stuff shown in this episode will probably be important later on, so you should probably watch it regardless.

This episode did have one flaw: a plot hole in the form of Tuxedo Mask being near his future self. If you remember, the crew from the present time had to previously rush back to their own timeline because they were suffering adverse reactions from being near their former selves. In the current episode, Tuxedo Mask probably spends just as much time near his future self as he previously did, yet he shows no signs of the previous side effects. While this may not be a major hole in the plot (it certainly doesn’t affect the key events taking place), it does create an inconsistency for those who are paying attention, and it seems like something simple enough to keep in mind. Plus, continuing to play on that consequence of being in the future could have helped to spice up the plot as the series inevitably draws to a close.

A Christian Perspective:

In this episode, Demande kind of reminded me of those people who like to use God’s name when it’s convenient, yet their walk doesn’t match their talk. Specifically, he tells Usagi that an unaging body is blasphemy against God, and seems to use this as a form of justification for the Black Moon’s actions. Whether or not such a statement would be true in the world of Sailor Moon (there is already a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t go along with God in the real world), we can’t say, but we know that Demande’s actions do not match up in any way with a true fear of or desire to serve God. Jesus said that we would know a tree by its fruit (Matthew 7:16), and Demande’s fruit is clearly rotten to the core.

A real world application of this would probably be people like the Westboro Baptist Church. Despite claiming to be Christians and followers of Jesus, all we ever see from them is hate and anger. They may have some valid points (homosexuality truly is a sin, after all), but they don’t go about it in a godly manner—instead, they stand on the street corners with their angry signs and yell nasty things at people. They even attack people that have nothing to do with homosexuality (KIA soldiers, anyone?). There is a place where we have to call sin what it is, and I may not necessarily know where that is (after all, if you tell a homosexual they’re living in sin, they’re probably going to see it as hateful, no matter how lovingly you put it), but when the majority of people can look at something and agree that it’s just an angering display, then something’s probably wrong.

So, as Christians, let us be ready to identify things that don’t go along with God’s Word (the part that Demande and WBC at least got right), and then let us pray about and consider the best course of action to take in regards to that issue, instead of jumping to our feet and taking the most extreme course of action we can possibly think of.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: Wiseman is shown with his crystal ball; Demande mentions that an unaging body is blasphemy against God; Demande is shown with a third eye on his forehead

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Usagi is shown in a dress that shows cleavage; a hologram of Neo Queen Serenity shows her in a cleavage-revealing dress; NQS is also shown in a flashback wearing the same dress

Violence: A flashback shows a dome of dark energy destroying a city

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Demande forces a kiss on Usagi

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