Review: Your Lie In April, Episode 9: Resonance


This was actually a bit of a disturbing episode. This week wraps up Emi’s back story that dominated the previous episode, and it finally moves us into Kousei’s part of the contest storyline. While it takes a while before we actually see Kousei hit the stage, he finally does, but even then most of that portion of the episode focuses more on his backstory than on the events at hand. Previous episodes have certainly shown that Kousei’s mother was harsh on him, but this episode really shows how harsh. A young Kousei is shown with bruises and welts on his arm, and is later shown being publicly abused by his mother as she slaps him and beats him with her cane. Fictional or not, it is certainly disturbing to watch such intense displays of child abuse take place.

On top of this, there is a very brief scene involving Kaori that will almost inevitably become important at some point. While I don’t want to say what it is here, you will almost certainly be able to figure out to which scene I’m referring when you watch the episode. While this isn’t nearly as disturbing as the Kousei flashbacks, it still sets a pretty grim possibility in place. It is a very well-placed scene that can put a thought in your mind without taking the focus off of Kousei and the immediate situation.

Unfortunately, we do not see the end result of Kousei’s competition this time around. After watching Takeru and Emi do their performances and hearing them express their feelings towards Kousei, we do certainly see them get what they were hoping for, but how this will all turn out will have to wait until the next episode. As this episode ended, things were quickly going down hill and certainly did not look good for our hero; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean Kousei is hopeless.

A Christian Perspective:

As Kousei prepares to take the stage, we see him once again haunted by the specter of his mother. As he plays, we are allowed to see more of Kousei’s past, and we get a look into a particular incident where he said something particularly harsh to his mother. What all this seems to culminate in is Kousei being hindered by the memories of his mother. It would seem that his inability to fully return to the piano is directly connected to this. We Christians can sympathize with this; after all, how many of us have ever been held back by the memory of some sin we’ve committed? Perhaps we’ve agonized over it, felt crushed by it, even felt defeated by it. Maybe we thought God could never forgive us, or maybe we feel like we’re too deep to dig out, but no matter what our thought process is we just can’t move on in our Christian walk because we are tied down to the mistakes of our past. Until we learn to let these things go, we will find victory alluding us, and until Kousei forgives himself and moves on from his past with this mom, he will most likely never get out of his piano troubles.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d***it”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: A flashback shows Kousei’s mom slapping him and hitting him with her cane

Blood/Gore: Young Kousei is shown with welts on his arm (presumably from his mom beating him); his mom is shown with an IV in her arm, and the area around the IV is red (possibly blood); blood is shown dripping from young Kousei’s face

Other: Kaori is shown with a bunch of pills (seems to be medication)

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