Review: Nobunagun, Episode 6: Monster Meat


This week’s episode plays out more like a slasher flick than a show about fighting giant monsters. Oh, and it’s the first Nobunagun episode to not feature the titular character (outside of a picture). Instead, we get to meet the first platoon as they transport an Evolutionary Invasion Object (EIO) on a plane across an arctic area. Of course, the plane goes down, leaving them stranded and in need of assistance. Team members Geronimo and “Princess” (I don’t think we find out her historical person) set off to find help, and they find some kind of outpost, but something seems off…

So there’s your premise for this episode. Saying anything more would probably spoil some plot points. In all honesty, this episode did a pretty good job of entertaining me, although viewers would probably care a little more about the fate of these characters if it wasn’t our first time meeting them. Regardless, the slasher/mystery aspect of it was fairly well done, keeping you (or at least me) interested in what’s going on. The end of the episode briefly kicks back to the action we typically expect.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, like I said, this episode kind of plays out like a slasher flick, so there is violence, and there is blood. There is one use of Jesus’ name in vain, and one use of vulgarity, plus one of the Sio bikini pictures resurfaces, so there is fanservice in that regard. Another Sio bikini picture is shown near the end of the outro (admittedly I skipped most of it, so if there’s anything else in the outro, I don’t know). It’s kind of a dark episode, so if you’re not a fan of slasher/horror/murder mystery type stuff, then you may want to avoid this one. I mean, it’s not over the top, but there’s more blood than what we’re used to. There is also a typical fight scene at the end of the episode, although if you’ve been watching this far, then that won’t be a surprise.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “j**z”, 1 “b*st**d”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Cyx’s battle suit accentuates her breasts (although nothing is actually exposed); one of the pictures of Sio in a bikini is shown (cleavage included); I skipped most of the outro, but at the end there is another picture of Sio in a bikini top (and again, cleavage)

Violence: A video is shown with a man killing someone with a shovel(?); a portion of a plane is blown up; a man is shown impaled by an EIO; an EIO attacks with its scales, and explosions ensue

Blood/Gore: blood is shown on the ceiling of the lab; the video shows blood; a character is shown covered in blood, with blood splattered on the walls behind him

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