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Review: Your Lie In April, Episode 18: Hearts Come Together


As with a lot of the recital episodes, a decent chunk of screen time is devoted to scenes of piano playing this time around. Kousei and Nagi take the stage together, with both of them playing the piano at the same time. As the performance goes on, Kousei begins to really step up his game, which challenges Nagi to keep step or be outperformed, while a third party listens in the whole time. By the end of it, the two have given a performance that Nagi seems to have never imagined, Kousei has a new challenge laid at his feet, and another character has again found inspiration.

There is, of course, a lot of introspection in this episode as both Kousei and Nagi spend a lot of time inside their heads, particularly as Kousei begins to pick up the pace, which challenges Nagi to step up her game, as well. As you may have caught at the end of the previous episode, Kaori is listening in on the performance via Watari’s phone, and even she is moved by what she is hearing. What you ultimately have, then, is three characters who are benefiting from this performance: Kousei, who is pouring out whatever he is feeling into the pianio; Nagi, who is being challenged to grow and play beyond what she thought she could; and Kaori, who is having her passion reignited. They aren’t the only ones, though, as Takeshi also finds himself being challenged while sitting in the audience.

Perhaps one of this episode’s most amusing moments is when Kousei finally discovers that Takeshi is Nagi’s brother. Or, perhaps it’s when Takeshi challenges Kousei and runs off like a child. Whatever the case may be, there can be no question that Takeshi has certainly been “fixed” because of the performance, as evidenced by Nagi envisioning a young Takeshi running away. Also amusing are the two little girls who begin to beat up Kousei when he visits Kaori at the hospital, though less amusing is the abundant use of the word “jacka**” during this particular scene. Maybe the end of this episode was kind of predictable, but it only makes sense that after getting Kousei back to himself the next step should be getting Kaori back to herself. From here, I suspect the show will move into its final arc. I plan to follow it until the end.

A Christian Perspective:

1 Timothy 4:8 – For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Okay, so this one may be a bit of a stretch, but we certainly see the results of training in this episode. Sometimes, when we train for something, it can feel futile, because we don’t see the results of things right away. In many cases, it may not be until well down the road that we can look back and see that we are only where we are because of the training we did. In the case of this episode, all of Nagi’s training doesn’t really pay off until the moment she and Kousei are on the stage, and then it makes all the difference, as she is able to keep pace with Kousei no matter what he throws at her during the performance. The same can be said about life. Perhaps we spend time every day praying and reading the Bible (well, we should, anyway), and perhaps it doesn’t feel like we’re really accomplishing much. Sure, we’re learning, and we’re seeing things we need to work on, but we are unable to see the bigger picture. If we press on, though, then we may discover down the road—maybe months or even years later—that there was some bigger purpose. Who knows what God will do with us except for God, after all? And even if we don’t end up doing something “big” as a result of all that time, we should eventually mature to the point that we realize that spending time with God is purpose enough for doing these things.

This admittedly turned into a bit of a rambling section, but the main point is to not be discouraged in whatever you’re training for—whether to be a missionary, a pastor, or just a Christian in general. It’s advice that I am ill-equipped to give and need to take myself, but the truth is the truth, and Nagi is a great example of what happens when you stick with your training.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d**n”, 1 “h*ll”, 1 “da**it”, 2 “h*ck”, 3 “d**ned”, 7 “jacka**”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: Takeshi repeatedly jabs his finger into Kousei’s chest; a little girl pounds on Kousei

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Kousei recites the elohim essaim thing that Kaori uses in earlier episodes