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Review: The World Is Still Beautiful, Episode 2: The Rain Princess


Last episode we met Nike. This episode we get to meet the king–or, rather, we get to know more about him. First off, he’s a kid with a sad past. Maybe not the most original concept ever, but that’s essentially his back story. Also, I don’t think we are ever formally told his name. The name Livi is mentioned once, but I suppose it’s possible that it’s not the king’s name.

Episode 2 leaves aside much of the humor from the pilot, although there are still some moments that are worthy of a chuckle. We get introduced to the stark contrast between our two protagonists–Nike, who appreciates the world’s beauty (and who draws from that beauty to craft her song to summon the rain), and the king, who sees the world as something to be conquered. Again, this may not be the most original concept that’s ever been done (in terms of character archetypes), but it works, and it makes for an enjoyable show.

The writers also don’t waste any time building up the action. While the sun king may have conquered the world, it doesn’t mean he is without enemies, and we see the results of that here. Where, exactly, this show will fall, I don’t know, but it’s building up to be an entertaining watch.

A Christian Perspective:

The biggest objection a Christian may find with this show is Nike’s use of magic. She seems to be capable of using wind as a weapon (she cuts through bars with wind in this episode) and she is also capable of summoning rain. This, as far as I know, does not seem to be rooted in any real life occultism, but seems to be simple fantasy (though, granted, I am no professor of the occult, nor do I care to be). Depending on your personal thoughts/feelings/convictions about fantasy media/fantasy magic, this may be enough to turn you away. I will not mention this as an issue again, because I doubt anyone who continues on to episode three and beyond will have an issue with this sort of content. I also won’t say what you should or shouldn’t do in regards to continuing to watch or stopping. That’s between you and the Lord, and far be it for me to potentially convince someone to sin against their conscience.

Anyway, a positive lesson that Christians can learn here is appreciation for God’s creation. Nike shows this in her need to see beautiful things, and her love for natural beauty is contrasted by the king’s cold disinterest. While Nike is enamored with a rare color of flower, for example, the king cannot understand why she is excited when they’re just flowers. He sees the world as something to be conquered, and little more. Nike says something to the effect of it being sad that he owns the whole world and yet hasn’t looked at any of it. The same could probably be said of some of us Christians. God created many beautiful things in this world that we can behold, but how many of those do we miss? How often do we take a sunrise for granted, or miss the beauty of a bird’s song? Perhaps, like Nike, it’s time we stopped, looked at the beauty around us, and became thankful for it.

Content Guide:

Language: 2 “j**z”, 1 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Nike is seen on top of the king (not intended to be sexual… you’ll understand when you see it), but the king makes the comment that he’s not into girls being on top

Violence: A character tugs on another character’s mouth; a character is kicked into the water–another is pulled into the water; a character is shot with an arrow

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Nike can use magic

Review: The World Is Still Beautiful, Episode 1: The Sun Kingdom


Meet Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Kingdom who has been shipped off to the Sun Kingdom to marry their king as a political arrangement. Nike isn’t exactly your typical princess–for one, she shirks off the company of her retinue and arrives in the kingdom early so that she can get a feel for the people. She also proves to be a bit ditzy, as proven when she is taken for a fool by two thieves. On top of this, she seems to lack some common sense, as she engaged in a scuffle with some guards because they called her suspicious. These personality quirks certainly don’t make her an unlikable character, though, as she also comes across as a kind, caring character, willing to repay kindness for kindness.

The World Is Still Beautiful is a bit of a mix as far as genres go. It is definitely fantasy, but it rides the line between dramatic and comedy, with some scenes definitely veering on the side of drama (a kidnapping and seemingly dark, mysterious plot being discussed between two characters, for example) while others steer more towards comedy, such as Nike’s inability to user her magic due to hunger and her aforementioned scuffle with the guards. The show isn’t devoid of problems, as you’ll see in the A Christian Perspective section, but it does present us with a strong female lead who should be enjoyable to watch. Seeing where the plot goes should prove interesting, too, as Nike meets the Sun King at the end of the first episode, rather than the show being about her journey to meet him.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, let’s get the worst out of the way: fanservice. It doesn’t run rampant here, but it is present. There is a scene in the intro where a female character is shown naked, though her breasts are mostly covered by her hair. This, of course, is easily remedied by skipping the intro (which I will be doing from here on out… of course, I always skip the intros, anyway). Another scene, around 9:35 – 9:48, introduces Nike’s sisters by showing them in bathing suits–two in bikinis, one in a school swim suit–and all in suggestive poses. The two in bikinis are, of course, showing cleavage. The thing is, this is an imagined scene–there’s even something to that effect posted on the screen! This, right here, is a prime definition of fanservice for the sake of fanservice. In the end credits, we also see a shot of the Sun King’s butt.

One other point I’d like to bring up is that the two thieves kidnap a girl at one point, and then comment about making her do service shots because they have to please the male viewers. This really does not have a positive reflection on male anime fans. I could care less about the breaking of the fourth wall, but the fact that the writers included this would suggest that they think this is what the male viewers want to see. Thankfully, no service is actually done, as Nike shows up to heroically save the day, but the commentary on the male anime fandom is not positive.

There is a little bit of language, all from the thieves (and possibly just one of them) as far as I remember. One scene shows two characters presumably with alcohol, and there is some light violence. Also, Nike is capable of using magic. This is probably to be expected from a fantasy series, but if you are not comfortable with characters using “magic”, then you may want to skip this, as I’m not sure how much her magic powers will play into the plot.

So there it is. The content for the majority of the episode is clean, in regards to fanservice. While I certainly used a lot of space to explain about the fanservice shots, they probably don’t make up much more than a minute total of screen time, and they are easily skippable, as long as you don’t mind missing the introduction of Nike’s sisters (hey, that’s what Wikipedia is for).

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d**n”, 1 “p***es”, 1 “t*ts”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Two characters are sitting together with what looks like a bottle of sake in front of them–one is holding what I think is a sake cup

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The intro has a shot of a naked female character–you can see parts of her breasts, though her hair covers the majority of them; three female characters are shown in bathing suits (and suggestive positions)–two in bikinis (so, cleavage) and one in a school swimsuit (roughly 9:35-9:48)–this scene is shown again during the end credits; at the very end of the ending credits, the sun king gets out of bed, and he’s naked–we see his bare butt

Violence: A character is bumped into and knocked to the ground; a character is tripped; Nike attacks the thieves with her magic

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Nike seems to have magical powers