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Review: The World Is Still Beautiful, Episode 5: Ring of Tales 2


Last week left Nike in peril, while this week resolves that plot point. Trapped in the underground labyrinth, Nike ends up getting assistance from an unsuspected source, and in the end our heroes come out on top. That’s a quick summary of this episode.

One thing you can always count on The World is Still Beautiful for is a nice mix of comedy and serious moments. The episode starts out serious enough, and even continues into an emotional moment with Livius and Nike, before Nike destroys the tension with a joke. From there, the episode lightens up a bit, with scenes that include Nike screaming as her maids put her dress on and the “four gods” (military giants) supposedly discussing a plan about the priests (although the humor here is crude, and not really for Christian tastes).

If your reaction to Livius’ comments to Nike is “well, that escalated quickly”, then I’d have to agree. We’re only five episodes in, and the two already seem devoted to each other. Although, how much time has passed within the plot of the show, I don’t know. To a degree, though, it seems like what could have been a season’s worth of character development has occurred rather quickly, and yet it doesn’t really feel sloppily done at all. In fact, it’s touching, especially when Livius sees Nike in her gown for the first time. Watching the two of them one-up the sneaky priest who was behind the assassination plot was also quite entertaining, and happy endings were had for all.

A Christian Perspective:

Ugh, the three old guys are perverts, and they plus Livius are referred to as the four gods or something like that.

Content Guide:

Language: 2 “t**s”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: From 11:46 – 11:59 little bubbles with images are shown while Nike is having her girdle/dress/whatever put on, some of which feature Nike–in these cases, you only see her shoulders up, although the first bubble with her does show a bit of cleavage

Violence: A character attacks another with a sword; two characters briefly sword fight; a character cuts another’s face; a character is punched in the face

Blood/Gore: A small line of blood is shown on the face of a character (cut with a sword)