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Review: The World Is Still Beautiful, Episode 4: Ring of Tales 1


As the title suggests, this is part one of two. While Nike and Livius may have come to like–and maybe even love–one another, that doesn’t mean the story is over. Despite their desire to be married, they still have another hurdle to overcome: namely, the approval of the sun god priests, who are not at all fond of Nike, and have no desire to see her marry Livius. Nike, of course, refuses to take things lying down, and despite warnings to the contrary she chooses to march right into the temple.

What all of this sets off, of course, is a trial that Nike must embark upon in order to prove herself worthy of marrying Livius, but the trial itself won’t prove easy. By the end of the episode you will definitely be eager to watch part 2.

A Christian Perspective:

Rather than try to cobble something together myself, I’ll simply link you to this well written article.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “a**”, 1 “d**n”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Nike is shown having a girdle put on her by her maids–you can see a little cleavage, and she is also wearing a pair of what look like really short shorts (maybe it’s her underwear? Not sure) 1:01 – 1:12; she is shown in the girdle from behind, and then again from the front 1:25 – 1:48; the shadows showing the maids dressing Nike show one maid seemingly push on her breasts and perhaps another push on her butt (not sure if this is supposed to be part of getting her dressed or what) 1:56 – 1:57; the elders are shown gawking at a drawing of Nike dressed up–they are commenting on her breasts (you can see cleavage from the dress she is wearing), and the camera zooms in on them 3:38 – 3:40

Violence: Nike uses her wind power to cut a staff in half

Blood/Gore: A character is doing some needlework and at one point sticks the needle through, followed by a small red spot spreading on the fabric