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Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 12: The End of the Sky


I came into this episode thinking that it was the finale, so I had a lot of thoughts in regard to that. Thankfully, most of those thoughts are now null and void, since we still have one episode next week. I’m just going to go ahead and put a spoiler warning here, because I just want to talk about the episode, so–SPOILER WARNING!!!

The episode begins after a six month time skip, before quickly jumping back to sometime shortly after the events of the previous episode. I was not pleased with the direction the plot took, despite the fact that this show pretty much sets itself up for a sad ending. Combine that with last week’s mention of a “final sacrifice”, and it should be no surprise that Claire and Kal are essentially being separated. Expecting it and liking it are two different things, though.

In comparison to the preceding episodes, this one is kind of anti-climatic. Whereas we were previously worrying about the fate of our characters, we are now simply watching relationships resolve and be healed. It seems that everyone has put their grudges to rest: Kal admits his love for Claire (and his determination to see her again), and Ignacio calls Kal his stupid older brother, although I don’t think Kal knows yet that Igna is his illegitimate brother. Still, the hostility that Ignacio held against Kal in the past seems to have passed. Of course, once you’ve faced death with a person and relied on them, I guess grudges seem a bit pointless.

So we wrap things up and then skip back to the present time to see the crew approaching the End of the Sky. As it turns out, this whole thing was part of the religion of this world, to fulfill the prophecy (and perhaps see if it was even true). Isla hits the End of the Sky and begins to disintegrate. That’s it. For all of the deaths and drama of the series, it is kind of anti-climatic. Of course, next week should (hopefully) have Kal now living up to his promise to come back for Claire, so let’s hope that everything goes well there.

I suppose these characters did finally deserve a break after everything they’ve been through, but when you think about it, doesn’t this episode kind of feel like a long epilogue?

A Christian Perspective:

The only content worth mentioning is that one character is considered to be a messiah-figure, but I do have a perspective to share.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the theme of forgiveness is big in this show. Kal is able to forgive Nina/Claire, and ultimately his love for her wins (as seen in this episode), and Ignacio is finally able to put to rest his old hatred for Kal. Even greater, though, is this episode’s conclusion. Essentially, the search for the End of the Sky was related to the religion of the world, which everyone seemed to consider as more of a myth than anything, judging by their reactions to the discovery. So, in the end, that which they considered to be myth turned out to be truth. I think that’s something we Christians can relate to. A lot of people chalk what we believe up to nothing by myth and superstition, yet they have no real proof other than their own disbelief. While we can’t set out on a giant floating island to search for Heaven, the point is still the same. People doubt the existence of something simply because they have never seen it, only to be held in awe and wonder when they do finally discover that it’s true. Such was the case in this series, and such will be the case on the Day of the Lord’s return (or, even, on the day when we each meet our own end).

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None

Other: A character is presented to be a messiah-like figure