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Review: Tales of Zestiria the X, Episode 9: The Plagued City


This episode presents a familiar scene from the game: Alisha and company need to reach the infected town, but the bridge has been washed out, thanks to an angry spirit (though they seem to be oblivious to this). To my knowledge, the progression of events differs at this point, as I believe in the game Alisha sent for Sorey to see if he could do anything to help them, while in the anime Alisha and some of her team set off to find another route, with Sorey and his party coming across the bridge by other means. Regardless, we are still treated to an epic battle to quell the waters. As a side note, I also found it humorous that when the subtitles used the term “drake”, the characters were literally saying, “dragon puppy”. I may not understand much Japanese, but those were clearly English terms. That’s not a criticism of the translation at all–I just found the term “dragon puppy” to be amusing and thought it worth sharing in case anyone missed it.

In terms of original content, the episode brings about the end of Mikleo’s quest and his subsequent reunion with his friends, but not before he rescues and befriends a Normin. Those who have played the game will remember the Normin as 50 individual creatures that each represented one of the 50 attributes that could affect your weaponry. The anime seems to have adapted this by having the Normin basically buff whatever stat it represents via magic while it is with the individual. In this case, Mikleo encounters Atakk who, as the name may suggest, is able to boost the Attack attribute, which we see played out when he buffs Mikleo and makes him capable of dealing more damage. It will be interesting to see if this plays more of a role in the remainder of the series, as such an implementation seems to have the possibility of making the characters too overpowered. 

Adapting elements of video games into a non-gaming environment is always interesting, as many gameplay elements wouldn’t necessarily make sense if the characters were actually doing them (when you think about it, most of the stuff that either gets cut or adapted–like weapon enhancement–the player actually does while the character remains stationary). So far, Tales of Zestiria the X seems to be doing a fine job with the elements that it included, and the stuff it has cut doesn’t seem to matter. The weapon enhancement system was frustrating in the game–I, for one, am glad that they didn’t try to adapt that within the anime! 

A Christian Perspective:

Matthew 6:1 – Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

One scene in this episode actually had two possible outcomes within the game–namely, the bridge scene. Within the game, you could choose to repair the bridge during the day, when there were people around, or you could choose to wait until nightfall, the reason for the choice being that people may not react well to seeing Sorey’s powers on display, since they wouldn’t understand them. I chose the daytime option, because I wanted to see what would happen as a result. While it doesn’t affect the story beyond this point, it did cause people to withdraw from Sorey. The anime, on the other hand, shows Sorey repairing the bridge at night, when no one is around. While the show doesn’t give a reason for this–and while the connection I’m about to make probably isn’t what Sorey intended–I did see a reflection of how we as Christians are supposed to behave.

You’ve probably already constructed the point in your head between the verse and my long lead-in, but as Jesus says in the verse above, we as Christians should not do our good works in order to be seen by men or to receive attention from them. The translation I used specifically says “righteousness”, but other translations use verbage along the lines of “good deeds”. The point is, we shouldn’t do our good works for the purpose of being seen by others. That’s not to say that others won’t see us–that’s almost impossible, especially if you’re serving people–but that should not be our goal at all. If we do good things so that we can be praised by men, then we have no reward in heaven because we’ve already received the reward we wanted; however, if we do our good deeds for the purpose of glorifying God and pointing others to Him, then He will reward us when the time is right.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d*mmit”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Maltran cleavage

Violence: Sorey armatizes with Edna and battles two hellions; Sorey and company do battle with a drake

Blood/Gore: None