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Review: Sword Art Online II, Episode 9: Death Gun


I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the action is kicked up a notch in this episode. After failing to prevent Death Gun from striking again, Kirito and Sinon set off to track him down. While the whole episode may not be action-focused from beginning to end (again, I’m being bad and writing this roughly a week late, so my memory is hazy), there is arguably more than there has been. At any rate, the episode maintains a decent pace, continuing with the primary conflict at hand, adding to the overall problem, and then showing our characters as they track down their prey. Essentially, it has all the elements of a proper story in place, complete with a nice cliff-hanger ending for those of us who just love those.

I can’t really remember if Sinon has bought into the fact that Death Gun can actually kill people by shooting them in the game, but she ultimately goes along with Kirito. This episode starts to set up a Sinon plot point that will continue into the next episode (one advantage to writing this late is that I have had time to watch some of the following episode). With little else on my mind, I’ll just say that the main plot of the Gun Gale Online arc continues strongly, marching our heroes progressively into more dangerous territory and, potentially, very steadily towards a conclusion. If you’ve enjoyed this season so far, then you will continue to enjoy. If not, well, I don’t know that this episode will change your mind.

A Christian Perspective:

I don’t really have anything “Christian” to draw from this episode. What does come to mind, though, is a brief thought about personal integrity. We already know that there is a rivalry going on between Kirito and Sinon (though, I think it’s definitely more heavy on Sinon’s side than Kirito’s). By pairing up with Sinon, Kirito has essentially put himself in a vulnerable position: Sinon could easily betray him, shoot him, and win their little spat, leaving Kirito back at square one for dealing with Death Gun. It’s a positive message, then, when Sinon does not go this route, but instead shows herself to be a trustworthy companion, even putting herself in harms way for the sake of helping Kirito. While I cannot say for certain if this is addressed in the episode, perhaps she truly wants a fair duel, not just to win. What we can learn from this is that our actions will speak to our character. Do we take what we want in the easiest manner for a cheap gain (which I would argue is the equivalent of Sinon shooting Kirito while his guard is down) or do we work hard and persevere to attain the greatest satisfaction from our goal (the result of potential victory from a fair duel)? Yes, Sinon could have taken the easy way out, but she doesn’t. She proves herself to be trustworthy. As Christians, we, too, should seek to prove ourselves as people who are honest and trustworthy, not as people who will betray the trust of others for selfish gain.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d**n”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Characters are shown holding glasses with some kind of liquid in them, but it’s unclear whether it’s alcoholic

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Leafa’s top shows cleavage; Sinon’s top shows cleavage; one scene shows Sinon trying to reach for her sidearm, which presents a close up of her butt in her shorts (and you can see the top of her butt sticking out from the shorts…. seriously, what is the obsession with this?)

Violence: Typical GGO violence

Blood/Gore: Sinon has a flashback to when she was a kid, covered in blood; the usual red marks that appear on players as they’re injured; one player is shown being blasted into two pieces; Sinon has another flashback to the bank incident, which shows several scenes of blood; Sinon sees the bank robber’s face with blood on it as she stares down the barrel of a gun