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Review: Plastic Memories, Episode 10: No Longer Partners


Last week’s episode ended with Kazuki announcing the dissolution of Tsukasa and Isla’s partnership. This episode picks up right where its predecessor left off, though one can’t help but think that the ultimate reaction on Tsukasa’s part was a bit lackluster. He doesn’t really fight the decision, although his displeasure is well known. Of course, some may have expected that Kazuki possessed ulterior motives in making her decision, and if you did then you will be pleased with this week’s episode. If you’re wondering why, then you’ll just have to watch!

This episode is a bit hard to summarize, because everything ultimately leads up to the episode’s conclusion, which is something that I’m seeking to not spoil for you fine readers. While it does contain a bit of its own plot, it really serves as an opportunity to look at some of our principle characters and fill in some of their remaining blanks. A good example of this is how Constance (who is now Tsukasa’s partner) informs Tsukasa of how Terminal Service 1 operates differently than all of the other Terminal Service offices, and that this difference was ultimately Isla’s doing. Effort is also taken to explore Kazuki and Isla’s relationship a little more, and to show how fiercely protective the former can be towards the latter. Their bickering near the end of the episode is a testament to their relationship, and it has Isla showing more emotion than we’ve seen from her throughout the series thus far.

The show’s producers also prove that they know how to handle the mood properly. While not overly dramatic, this episode definitely shifts away from the comedic spectrum and focuses more on the serious and sentimental tones that are brought about. Of course, that doesn’t mean the episode is comedy free. Scenes such as Isla having her face drawn on by Kazuki and the chief of TS1 being completely ignored serve to bring a dose of lighthearted comedy to the table, but the majority of the episode keeps itself grounded in a serious exploration of character motivations and relationships. The end result is a better understanding of the characters we’ve come to know and love, along with an ending that should leave any fan of the show pleased.

A Christian Perspective:

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

So this verse is at least partially applicable to this episode. Let me start by saying that the Christian Perspectives assume that the viewer has already seen the episode, unlike the review which assumes that the reader has not seen the episode. Simply put, the Perspectives typically look deeper into an aspect of the episode, which would not make much sense to someone who has not seen the episode. All of that is basically a long way of saying, “Spoiler warning”.

Kazuki ultimately confronts Isla about her feelings for Tsukasa in this episode. Earlier on, Isla had stated that it was better for both of them if things stayed the way they were. What it ultimately comes down to is that Isla doesn’t want Tsukasa to build a bunch of memories with her because she feels it will then be even harder for him when she is retrieved. Isla’s thinking is finally challenged by Kazuki, who states that if Isla does things her way, then it will ultimately hurt Tsukasa more than if the two of them were together, because it would only leave him with bad/negative memories. It’s not until Kazuki says this that Isla’s eyes are opened and she is freed to see the situation from a different perspective than she had adopted throughout the series.

We can be like Isla at times. We think we have the right solution to a problem—it makes sense to us, and we cannot see a better outcome to our problems. The trouble comes in when we’re confronted with a better way—maybe in the Bible, through prayer, or by some other means—that conflicts with what we thought was best. As the Scripture from Proverbs states, we are to not lean upon our own understanding but rather to trust in God. It’s easy for us to say that God is all wise and powerful, of course, but sometimes putting that into practice is another story, whether it be due to weak faith or a limited scope. Of course, when we try to simply do things our own way we tend to end up like Isla: only seeing what we want to see, while failing to truly understand what our actions have the potential to do.

The only reason this scenario doesn’t line up perfectly with the Scripture is that Kazuki is not God. While God’s knowledge is perfect and complete, Kazuki’s is not, hence why I said the verse was at least partially applicable. In this case, though, Kazuki ended up being able to point Isla in the right direction, much like God is able to point us in the right direction if we will turn to Him and trust Him.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: Kazuki sits down with several cans of beer and a bottle of liquor—it is later shown that she drank a lot; Kazuki is shown drinking alone in her room; Kazuki asks Constance to drink with her

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Kazuki’s tanktop shows cleavage

Violence: Kazuki puts Tsukasa in a headlock

Blood/Gore: None