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Review: Nobunagun, Episode 4: Hurricane


Episode 4 begins with a quick montage of scenes from the previous episode, so if you were hoping to be launched right into the action, you’ll be slightly disappointed. Not to worry, though: it’s not a super long montage, although you will have to wait until after the opening sequence to find out what happens next.

One thing that strikes me in retrospect is that they didn’t play up the emotional plight of Sio losing her friends in the Hurricane Hunters. I mean, I know there were flashbacks to it, but I don’t feel like their loss played much of a role in Sio’s motivation for taking down the Object. Granted, harping on the point could have made it feel cheesy and overplayed, but it almost seems like her reaction to the news was just wiped away. If nothing else, I would think that avenging their deaths would serve as motivation for her to make the seemingly impossible shot that she has to make, but as far as I can remember, it doesn’t.

On the other hand, we did get to see a bit of team work on the parts of Sio and Jack the Ripper. It’s thanks to their combined efforts that the day is saved this time around, and if nothing else this episode seems to establish the nature of their relationship, or at least it begins to. Obviously, these two are going to be the ones who exchange banter (maybe not of the witty variety, though) towards each other, yet will ultimately be the best team. The latter is mainly assumption, though, as it’s completely plausible that future episodes will work on the team work between Nobunagun and the other E-gene holders.

To be honest, outside of the interaction between Jack and Sio, along with a particular revelation at the end of the episode, there’s not a whole lot here to speak about. It’s not a particularly action-oriented episode, nor is there a lot of tension (in my opinion). That’s not to say that it’s a bad episode, but it’s certainly not a stand out episode, either. There are some humorous parts, such as Sio thinking that she is the only “normal” E-gene holder, and we do get to meet a new holder (Galileo), but at the end of it I don’t feel particularly overwhelmed by the episode. Oh well, they can’t all be perfect tens.

A Christian Perspective:

Really, there’s nothing new here. I know there looks to be a decent number of entries in the N/S/F category below, but a lot of that is due to the suits that the characters are wearing when they fight. To put it simply, the suits appear to be skin-tight, and as such we occasionally see the suits clinging to their bodies. I don’t recall this ever being a focal point of the camera, though (save for the “transformation” scene that Sio goes through, and even that wasn’t graphic, it’s just how the camera was angled that makes it worthy of a note), but rather just something of note. Granted, there were a few scenes where the camera was behind Sio while she was lying down, but again, I didn’t get the impression that the animators were trying to draw our attention to her butt. And for our female viewers, we get to see Jack topless. Honestly, the worst of the N/S/F stuff is flashbacks from the previous episode. Everything else you can probably discard, unless the skin-tight suits will, in fact, prove to be a point of temptation for you (which, of course, is why I include them, just in case).

There is some foul language in the episode, including one use of our Lord’s name in vain, so be aware of that, and of course there is violence (although not nearly as much as in previous episodes). Honestly, if you’ve been watching the show up until this point, then nothing in this episode will probably surprise you, except maybe the blatant use of Jesus’ name in vain (and I wonder if that isn’t more the translator’s “flavoring”, if you will, as opposed to a literal translation of the Japanese, as I doubt the Japanese have much interest in using Jesus’ name as a curse word). Still, the foul language and violence in this episode have nothing on the typical Call of Duty game, so if you play those, then you’re already used to much more than what you’ll encounter here. Consider whether or not the skin-tight suits will cause you any problems (and if you were fine with Evangelion and its skin-tight suits, then you’ll probably be fine here), and go from there.

Oh, and I think we can rule out the chance of them making Sio and Asao homosexuals, based on Sio’s reaction to being carried by Jack.

Content Guide: EIO stands for Evolutionary Invasion Object

Language: 1 “h*ll”, 2 “a**”, 1 “s**t”, 1 “dumba**”, 1 “J**zus”

Drug/Alcohol Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The bikini-clad pictures of Sio are again shown (at least in part) during the beginning of the episode (approx. 0:50 – 0:54); Jack the Ripper is shown shirtless (this notification is for our female viewers); when Sio is summoning her gun, the animation goes through something like a magical girl transformation sequence, with the camera zooming around Sio’s body–at one point, the camera focuses in under her butt/between her legs, though she’s clothed, but I mention it because of the angle; Sio’s suit is kind of skin tight, and one shot accentuates her butt due to the suit’s cling–it’s not the focus of the shot, but I include it just in case; there’s a quick flashback to the scene of Capa unzipping the clone Sio’s top, as well as a flashback to one of the pictures of Sio in a very skimpy bathing suit

Violence: An EIO is shot; several shots are fired; an EIO is sliced in half (roughly); EIO eggs are destroyed; an EIO fires it’s scales, causing an explosion; an EIO is sliced apart; some fighting in the episode 5 preview

Blood/Gore: None