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Review: Nobunagun, Episode 12: Operation Stone Forest, Part 2


Surprise! This isn’t the last episode! Well, maybe it was my fault for simply jumping to the conclusion that it would be. After a bit of a recap, this episode picks up where the last one left off, with Nobunagun in peril and the rest of the principle cast engaged in battle. I still don’t see the purpose of including content that is reminiscent of tentacle hentai, especially when it’s supposed to be a dire situation, especially when the one tentacle seems to be rubbing Sio’s face. I would think that the Object’s agenda would be to crush Sio/cut off her breathing/kill her in some way. I mean, it’s not like this is someone’s twisted fanfiction…

Well, that aside, the episode does kind of hit a lull about halfway through. After a bit of a cliffhanger in the first half, we are given scenes with the team inside Gaudi’s bubble as well as scenes involving Asao, two other girls from Sio’s class, and some other people on a train. The train scene kind of breaks up the flow, although seeing the other fighting group was interesting enough, especially as we see Hunter kind of go from wimp to hero.

The episode does eventually return to Sio, and more inappropriate tentacle stuff…. The ending is a bit surprising, though, if not a bit of a “deus ex machina” (I think I’m using that term correctly, anyway). We still have one episode left next week. I’m predicting a victory for the E-Gene holders and some awkward kind of love scene between Sio and Jack.

A Christian Perspective:

There is more perverse tentacle stuff this time around. Granted, you probably already knew that if you watched last week’s episode preview, but still it’s there, and while there is no nudity the content is suggestive, and Sio is shown red-faced and breathing heavy. While this content makes up a relatively minor portion of the episode, it may still prove to be a stumbling block to anyone who struggles with lust or anything similar.

Outside of the fanservice content is plenty of violence, and more blood than usual. It’s mostly monster blood, but it’s still blood all the same. A character is also seen handling an eye and an organ from an EIO, so overall this episode is a bit more gorey than usual. Vulgar language is also present, but not as bad as some previous episodes, although there is one use of blasphemy.

Other potentially offensive content includes two characters making a bet and a character communicating with the historical figure inside of him.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d***ed”; 2 “d**n”; 1 “s**t”; 1 “j**z”

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: A character is tied up by some tentacles, which cut portions of her uniform–no nudity is shown (it’s just the outer armor that’s cut); the same character is shown with two tentacles wrapped around her breasts, and she is breathing heavy; the same character is bound by tentacles again, with one wrapping between her legs

Violence: Gunfire; an EIO is shown having chunks shot out of it; EIOs are cut apart; an EIO is pummeled by a character; an EIO is shot and its tentacle explodes; an EIO’s eye is destroyed; a character is engulfed in flame; there are various shots of other E-Gene holders engaged in combat; a character cuts open a dead EIO and pries into it; an EIO is kicked and breaks apart; an EIO clamps down on another EIO; EIOs attack each other; a character chops an EIOs tentacles apart

Blood/Gore: A character pummels an EIO and is covered in pink goo; more pink goo (blood?) is seen; a character has blood running down her face–it also looks like a little blood squirts out of the back of her head; a character fills a needle with EIO blood and it is seen running through some kind of tube; blood splatter from an EIO as another EIO kills it; a character is holding an EIO eye; a character pulls out another organ from an EIO; more EIO blood

Other: Two characters make a bet; a character communicates with the person whose genetics he holds