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Review: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN, Episode 7: Triangle… of Missed Encounters


How many cute scenes can this show pull off? Seriously, the end of this week’s episode topped the end of last week’s. Granted, we had to wait for it, and leave it to Sophia to create all of the waiting for us. If you think you’re going to get a cute episode of Yuta and Rikka exploring together, think again, because Sophia pops up, and we know how that goes.

With that said, it certainly doesn’t stop the episode from being amusing. Watching Yuta and Sophia work together to retrieve Sophia’s bag from a monkey, for example, was quite entertaining. I think I might fail a bit at common sense, though, because I really can’t understand Rikka’s reaction and subsequent actions to Sophia giving Yuta a certain item. On the other hand, it does open up the opportunity for a particular scene between the two female characters that sheds some light on the whole chunibyo thing, and after hearing Sophia’s story I have to wonder if Rikka will slowly start to grow out of her chunibyo.

This brings us to another point, though: while Yuta seems to have put his chunibyo behind him, he seems more than happy to occasionally break it out for Rikka. Simply see his actions at the end of last week’s episode as well as this week’s. I don’t know if he is actually aiming to break Rikka of her chunibyo or not, but if he is then indulging the delusions isn’t the way to go. Then again, perhaps his willingness to make a spectacle of himself says something about the genuineness of his love for Rikka. Who knows.

In the end, the events of this episode were kind of a mess. Not in the sense that it was sloppy and incoherent, but just in the sense that it created a lot of drama. The end result, though, was certainly cute, and overall worthwhile.

A Christian Perspective:

I’m coming up empty here. Sure, there are the couple entries in the Content Guide: one instance of vulgar language, and a fantasy where Rikka uses magic to freeze lava. There’s also a scene that shows Dekomori with a picture containing a pentagram in her bedroom. Honestly, that would probably be my biggest issue with this episode. I really just don’t get the obsession with the pentagram–couldn’t they have just made something up instead of using an actual occult symbol?

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d**n”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Rikka has a delusion where she uses magic to freeze lava; Dekomori has a picture with a pentagram in it hanging on her bedroom wall