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Review: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN Episode 11: Blue Moon Ragnarok


Episode 11 serves up a good mixture of drama and comedy as Sophia continues to battle with her inner emotions. Interestingly enough, though, this episode actually focuses more on Rikka and Yuta to wrap up this plot line (well, sort of, as this is a to be continued episode). Picking up right where last week’s episode left off, this week we see Rikka suffering the consequences of standing out in the rain (namely, a cold), Yuta and Shichimiya receiving advice from Nibutani, and Rikka still trying to find that third coin.

This episode kind of relates back to my post concerning what we’re conformed to. The fact is that Rikka puts herself in a bad spot, as she goes out to look for this coin despite being sick. What this says to me is that she is so caught up in her delusions that she is willing to risk her real health for the sake of an imagined scenario. One could even question whether she realizes that this is all in her had at this point.

It was cute to see just how much Yuta actually cares about Rikka, though. In the end, they leave us with a bit of a cryptic conclusion. Despite the fact that everything seems to have wrapped up nicely, Shichimiya leaves with a bit of a cryptic departure, so I suppose the next episode will let us in on what that’s all about.

A Christian Perspective:

Most of what I could say here is standard throughout the series–imaginary magical battles and the like. If you’re watching at this point, then chances are that this stuff hasn’t bothered you, at least not enough to stop watching it. As for real world violence, there is one instance where a character is knocked off his feet, then later that character is (presumably) poked in the eyes. There is a brief flashback to Rikka in a bikini, and one use of profanity.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “h**l”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: A brief flashback to Rika in a bikini

Violence: A character is knocked off of his feet; a character is poked in the eyes (I think) off screen; there is a “battle” with explosions

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Two female characters touch noses; the typical stuff of the imagination battles (magic, magic circles, etc.)