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Review: Gundam Build Fighters, Episode 7: World-Level Ability


The beach episode. It seems that not many anime escape this stereotypical episode, and Gundam Build Fighters goes right along with it, bikinis and all. Okay, in all fairness, it’s not as sexualized as some shows tend to be, but there is still plenty of cleavage from unnamed random female characters and Sei’s mom. Thankfully, the beach portion of the show only compromises a small segment of this episode, instead of making up the majority of the content. Eventually, plot kicks in.

So, the whole point of this episode is that the tournament winners have been given a trip to a hot spring, hence how Sei and Co. end up at the beach. Afterwards, at the hot spring/inn, Mao shows up again, although if you’re hoping to finally see a showdown between Mao and Reiji, you’ll have to wait some more. Mao, though, is downright funny to watch as he shirks the luxury of relaxation in favor of lending a hand to the girl working at the inn, a desire born from his obvious attraction to her. Meanwhile, Sei’s mom is plotting ways to get China with Sei. Of course, we all see this as the obvious pairing, but wouldn’t it be a bit creepy if our mom’s did this in real life? Or maybe they have/do? Eh, well, not much changes there, anyway.

If this episode is beginning to sound dull to you, don’t worry. Some land sharks show up to break up the vacation feel of the episode, and in true Build Fighters form, the gangsters (if the term is appropriate) agree to settle their demands with a Gunpla battle. Yes, it’s absurd, but let’s just suspend our disbelief. We’re already watching plastic models come to life, anyway. Besides, this seems to be a reliable formula for the show: stuff happening, and eventually a Gunpla battle. It’s simplistic, it’s predictable, but I can’t say it feels old, at least not yet, and perhaps I’m being too generalizing to say that that’s the formula the writers are using, but it certainly feels like there is a big battle in every episode. Of course, it would be kind of lame to make a show about battling models and then rarely have people actually battle models. Well, anyway, now I’m just filling space.

A Christian Perspective:

Keep up your guard for the first part of this episode: Sei, Reiji, China, Ral, and Sei’s mom are headed to the beach, which comes complete with nameless female characters in bikinis (so, cleavage), along with China in a two piece (although it provides decent coverage) and Sei’s mom in a bikini (which is definitely cleavage heavy). There’s also a still shot with Sei’s mom diving to hit a beach ball, where she doesn’t have the wrap around her waist. Granted, she’s just wearing a typical bikini bottom, but I still feel it’s worth mentioning. There’s also a scene where Reiji is asked about China’s bikini, which prompts Reiji to look back and forth from China and Sei’s mom, clearly comparing their chest sizes. His subsequent comment earns him a smack (violence). So yeah, the first few minutes aren’t particularly friendly for anyone who struggles with sexual temptation. Beyond that, the episode gets back to being fairly content friendly, with the only noteworthy mentions being the fact that a truck is crashed through a building, and Ral makes a comment about the “goddess of victory”. Whether or not that last one makes you uncomfortable depends upon whether you just wave such things off as nonsense or not, I suppose.

One good lesson this show delivers—not just for Christians, but for anyone in general—is that violence is not the answer.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: It’s a beach episode, so there are female characters shown in bathing suits, and especially bikinis, which of course expose cleavage; male characters are also shown in swim trunks; there is a scene where Reiji is asked what he thinks of China’s swimsuit, and he clearly begins to compare the size of China’s chest to that of Sei’s mom—nothing is explicitly said, but it’s obvious what’s going on

Violence: Gundam battle stuff; a character is smacked; a truck is crashed through the front of a building

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Ral makes a comment about the “goddess of victory”