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Review: Gundam Build Fighters, Episode 6: A Reason To Battle


Well, we finally get the big battle we’ve all been waiting for, but it certainly came early. Six episodes in, and a total carnage of a battle… it kind of feels anti-climactic. On the other hand, though, if this is what we get six episodes in, then what will the final climax of battles be? Really, they probably could have teased out some plot points from this, such as Reiji’s apathy at Yuuki’s withdrawal, but the problems arrive and resolve within this episode. I don’t know what purpose there is for this, but it just feels like we reached a milestone in the series while it’s still young. Regardless, the big battle for this episode was great to watch.

It’s also cute to watch how Sei and China are slowly growing closer together. Apparently Sei’s mom thinks so, too. Outside of that, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of development in character relationships, other than the whole Yuuki/Reiji & Sei thing. Other than that, Mr. Ral does pop up to offer some wisdom to Reiji, but it’s wisdom that we could all consider: why do we engage in hobbies? Specifically, Mr. Ral is addressing Reiji’s thoughts about Gunpla battle, but we can probably apply what he has to say to any hobby that we partake in.

Of course, the series does still have some of those eye-roll worthy moments that come with anime such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade, mainly in reference to how seriously people are reacting while playing a game with toys. At least in Build Fighters, though, the Gunpla are shown as if they were real, which at least makes the battles more intense than two tops beating against each other. Honestly, I have no real complaints about the show, other than the fact that the pacing could have been done differently, but I am looking at it from the present view instead of the overall view, so perhaps it will make more sense as the story continues to unfold.

A Christian Perspective:

Watch out for that episode preview. This is as bad as it gets: Sei’s mom in a bikini, which of course means cleavage. China is shown in a school swimsuit, which isn’t really fanservicey in and of itself. So it’s certainly not the worst on the fanservice scale, although it is more than what we’re used to from this show (well, okay, Kirara was probably worse than this). Hopefully the context of the next episode isn’t simply to throw in some fanservice. Beyond that is just the typical Gundam fight violence. The big battle in this episode is particularly gruesome, at least as gruesome as two robots beating each other up can get. I’d venture to guess that most people who have watched this far aren’t bothered by this kind of violent content, though.

Content Guide:

Langauge: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: In the preview, Sei’s mom and China are shown at the beach, with China wearing what looks like a school swimsuit and Sei’s mom in a bikini (which, of course, means cleavage)

Violence: Gundam battles, one in particular being “gruesome” in terms of robot destruction

Blood/Gore: None