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Review: Gundam Build Fighters, Episode 5: The Strongest Builder


Well, now Sei has a rival. Wait, wasn’t that Yuuki? Or was he Reiji’s rival? Bah, whatever. Anyway, the first post-credit scene in this episode seriously feels like a fanboy’s sales pitch for Gunpla. Sei and Ral basically blurt out a bunch of reasons as to why Gunpla is fun outside of the battling aspect. I suppose I should take some notes, though, as my own Gunpla are basically built by instruction and then stuck on a shelf (or back in the box as they wait for a place to be displayed). Well, anyway, it’s not really a criticism as much as it is a point of humor.

I also find it humorous as to how big Gunpla apparently is in the world of Build Fighters. The trucker from the opening, for example, seems to appreciate the Gunpla he’s given as payment for a ride, and one character even uses a Gundam model in an attempt to hit on a woman (what’s more is that it actually works, at least until Reiji shows up). Then, in contrast to all of this, is China’s dad, who is basically not open to the idea of taking Gunpla as payment. I guess not everyone likes Gunpla, even in a world where it seems like everyone loves Gunpla. Or he just has better business sense. One of the two.

So, like I said, Sei now has a rival in terms of building Gunpla. This comes to a head when the two decide to display their custom Gunpla, at which point a battle ensues. You’ll be disappointed to know, though, that the battle only takes place in the minds of the two combatants. Somehow they manage to have a mental battle (no, it’s not suggested that they’re psychic or anything like that) where they battle with their Gunpla. Don’t expect to find out who wins, though. If that’s not enough, though, we do get a very brief competition battle at the end of the episode, with a post-ending credits scene that continues with the plot line introduced at the end of the previous episode’s post-ending credits scene.

Well, what else can I say? Not much, really. It was nice to see a rival introduced who isn’t a total jerk. Granted, he does come across as one at one point, but in the end it seems more like a friendly (though serious) rivalry, much better than Kirara, who tried to sabotage Sei’s Build Strike. It will be interesting to see if we will find out who’s stronger later on down the line (although let’s face it, if this keeps up with typical anime stereotypes then the win is already assuredly Sei’s). Gundam Build Fighters continues to be a fun show, even if it isn’t the most original or innovative concept out there (let’s face it, there are plenty of toys-used-in-battle shows out there).

A Christian Perspective:

Not a whole lot to say on this one. The worst thing, as far as content goes, is an apparent use of God’s name in vain, specifically “Oh my G**”, except said in Italian. What the character says, specifically (and I include this simply for the fact that I may be wrong, and someone may wish to correct me) is “Oh dio mio”. As far as I know, “dio” is the Italian word for God, so…

Other than that, there is just the typical violence of Gundam battles (admit it, that’s what you’re here for, anyway) and a woman wearing a low cut top, thus showing cleavage. You know, it occurred to me that I could really expand this section by exploring themes in an episode. I have nothing for this episode in particular, but maybe I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

Content Guide:

Language: If my limited understanding of Italian is correct, a character basically exclaims “Oh my G**” in Italian

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: A woman is shown wearing a dress/top (not sure which) that shows cleavage

Violence: Gundam battles

Blood/Gore: None