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Review: Gundam Build Fighters, Episode 2: The Crimson Comet


Gundam Build Fighters may very well be a toy commercial cleverly disguised as an anime. I don’t know. At the very least, they are using it to market a new line of models (but don’t they make a new line of models for every Gundam series, anyway?) Regardless, it doesn’t feel like a throw away show, and it certainly has mass appeal. Obviously Gundam fans will enjoy it, and it should also appeal to kids (or parents who want something relatively clean for their kids to watch… except, you know, subtitles and all…).

So, yes, I might as well say right off the bat that there is nothing in this show, so far, that I would even call remotely offensive. It will be nice if this continues, as it means very little notes for me, which lends to a much smoother viewing experience. Er, maybe that’s a bit lazy and irresponsible on my part, though.

So anyway, this episode is still contributing to the set up phase. Sei, of course, wants Reiji to be his partner in Gunpla battle, but Reiji just isn’t interested, at least, not yet. We all know where this is going, of course–just watch the intro (or just watch anime in general). This episode, more than anything, serves to pull Reiji in, spur Sei on, and set the stage for Sei’s ultimate goal–the world championship. Of course, we all know that Sei has dreams of the championship anyway, but now there’s something at stake. What, exactly, I’m not sure, though it seems to be an answer from a particular character. Outside of that, there’s not much to say. It’s an enjoyable show that’s fairly easy on the eyes, fun to watch, and fun to fantasize about (seriously, imagine being able to actually battle Gunpla). Some plot points are a bit laugh-worthy, such as the Plavsky particles reacting to the plastic that Gunpla is made out of, thus allowing the Gunpla to come alive, but it’s science fiction, and at least partially a kids’ show. Besides, we’re here to see Gundams fight, not debate over the sci-fi elements, right?

Gundam Build Fighters is definitely staying on my watch list. It may not be entirely original (I’m not the only one to draw a comparison to Angelic Layer, and I saw a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh in the Youtube comments), but I think it will prove to be an enjoyable watch, at least for people who at least have some knowledge of Gundam/Gunpla.

A Christian Perspective:

Honestly, unless you find depictions of robots fighting to be an offense or temptation, I don’t think there’s anything here for Christians to be worried about. Honestly, it would be nice to say something positive about teamwork and cooperation, but seeing as Reiji was kind of coaxed into the whole thing, such a statement would fall apart. Ah well.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: The intro shows scenes of Gundam battles; a flashback shows Sei’s gundam slicing through Sazaki’s MS, with Sazaki’s exploding; a character’s hand is slapped away; a character is being held in a wrestling move (a suplex?) where his legs are being bent back; a Gundam battle takes place–a model’s hand is shot off, and it explodes, an MS is stabbed in the stomach and explodes; a second battle ensues–an MS is tripped and knocked down

Blood/Gore: None