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Review: Golden Time, Episode 2: Lonely Girl


I initially intended to start this blog during the Fall 2013 season. I started collecting a back log of reviews at the suggestion of TWWK from Beneath the Tangles so that I could have reviews to fall back on in order to make daily postings. I never got around to starting the blog during that season, though, and honestly I don’t think most of them were that good. There were times where I completely neglected to write the review, because I kept putting it off to the point that I pretty much forgot what happened in the episode, at least to the point that I couldn’t do an adequate review (minus the content guides, which I do as I’m watching the show). All of these reviews will probably make their way onto the blog at some point, though. This was also before I started doing the Christian Perspective section of my reviews, so that’s why those are absent.

I will give fair warning on this one: there may be some content that I miss in my review. I lost my original notes for this episode.

Anyway, let’s get my gripe about episode 2 out of the way first: the club parties. No, it’s not the depiction of drinking that bothers me. While I will certainly agree that drunkenness is a sin (the Bible says as much), I do not agree with the idea that simply having a drink is a sin. Now, admittedly, the characters do seem to be shown getting drunk, so please be aware of that. More to the point, though, is the fact that Banri gets drug into the Tea Club’s party, where the female members are shown to be getting drunk and taking their clothes off (we see members dancing in their underwear). If I haven’t made it clear prior to this point, I prefer my anime sans-fanservice, and I just don’t feel that it was necessary. I think I get the joke they were going for–tea ceremonies, as far as I can tell, are formal, elegant events, and the women performing them should have an air of dignity, but these women were acting completely disgracefully–but I don’t think it really needed to go that far. The mere fact that they were getting drunk seems to be in stark contrast to what one would expect. Well, gripe aside…

I honestly can’t say that this episode left that much of an impression with me. In fact, I think I can say that it left me a bit lukewarm towards the show. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give to the series is that Koko doesn’t seem to be in the typical “pretty girl gets all the attention” situation. Granted, everyone around her does, in fact, comment on her beauty, but no one seems to be brave enough to approach her. This is certainly in contrast to the typical approach of the pretty girl garnering a crowd around her that wants nothing more than for her to acknowledge their existence. It does add a bit of depth to Koko’s character, I suppose. We are, of course, still confronted with her one-track mind that is completely set on Mitsuo, and it’s no secret that Banri is attracted to Koko. Well, I suppose the opening credits already tell us where their relationship is going…

Anyway, as far as I recall, the episode seemed to center around the whole concept of finding a club, which is kind of brought to a head when Banri and Koko are taken out by a woman who wants to recruit them to her club. In the end, they are invited to an overnight trip (a three day, two night trip, I believe) with the club, which they of course accept the invitation to. Banri, of course, likes the idea of being with Koko overnight, and I can certainly see this getting abused in the sense of fanservice. If I’m right, then this might spell the end of my interest in this show. We shall see.

Content wise, my biggest gripe has already been expressed. Beyond that, there is one instance of Banri commenting something to the effect of, “I’m in hell”. Whether you consider that cussing or not is, in the end, up to you. Of course there are various depictions of characters drinking and getting drunk, as well. There’s also the in-between image that depicts Koko in a cleavage-showing dress.

Rating: Reluctant Watch

Content Guide:

Language: Banri comments something to the effect of, “I’m in hell.”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Characters are shown drinking at the club parties

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Some female Tea Club members are shown drunk and dancing around in their underwear. The ‘in-between’ image shows Koko in a dress that reveals some cleavage. See episode 1 note about closing credits.

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None