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Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 9: How Humiliating, I’m So Embarrassed


Well, I was hoping to see a whole lotta nope in response to that marriage proposal, but I suppose the end result is still the same. We all know that the love rival never has a chance, yet we’re still entertained by any rollercoaster rides that may come with it. Truly, we see the same trope played out in various ways through different shows, and yet we never seem to tire of it. Well, maybe never isn’t quite accurate, but isn’t the love rival a typical occurrence in romantic comedies (or straight romance shows), and don’t they always lose? Really, though, it feels like Engaged to the Unidentified included a love rival for the sake of fulfilling an obligation rather than actually creating any kind of rivalry. Let’s face it: Hakuya is all about Mashiro, and Konoha just doesn’t get the kind of attention to make her seem like a serious love rival.

That said, this episode was a weird mix of drama and comedy. The comedic side of things worked really well, but the dramatic side kind of left me scratching my head. Maybe Konoha’s inclusion was simply to shake Kobeni up and make her realize how she really feels about Hakuya, but I still don’t get the scene where Kobeni started crying. The following scene–where Benio overreacts to the excuse given for Kobeni’s crying, which causes Hakuya to overreact right along–was quite funny, though. It was also amusing to watch Mashiro create more of a predicament for herself in her attempt to ruin Konoha’s interest in Benio. Speaking of Benio: yes, she was still creepy in this episode (though not as much as others), but one must wonder if she’s something of a yandere after she briefly snaps near the end of the episode. It will be interesting to see if they play that up or not.

So yeah, Engaged to the Unidentified continues to be an interesting show for me. On the one hand, I enjoy watching it every week. On the other hand, there isn’t really anything in particular that I would say draws me to it. There’s nothing that really makes me say, “You need to watch this because _____” or “I really like this because ____”. Basically, I like it, and yet I can’t really say why I like it. It seems possible that we might actually start moving towards more romance, given the way this episode ends, though. Maybe. Also, you have to love how the little sister is more observant than the older brother.

A Christian Perspective:

In comparison to previous episode’s, this one was rather mild. There were still scenes with Benio being her old creepy self, such as when she offers to “take responsibility” and then proposes marriage to Mashiro (of course, you know the answer to that), and there was the other obsession of Konoha towards Benio, particularly when Konoha is shown nuzzling a picture of Benio. There weren’t as many stand out moments, though, so I don’t know if they’ve toned down the Benio stuff or if I’m becoming desensitized to it. Hopefully it’s the first one and not the second. Beyond that, there was a scene where the camera is moving down Benio’s body, and it pauses briefly on her breasts. She’s wearing her uniform, and there’s nothing particularly sexualized about the scene, but it still is a camera shot of Benio’s breasts. In the episode preview, Benio also comments that Mashiro has kittens or kitties on her panties. Also, there is one scene with minor violence when one character shoves another one down.

So, while it looks like a lot when typed out above, this episode really was mild in comparison. Benio still is, and probably always will be, the most uncomfortable portion of the show, although Konoha may be a close second. If you’ve been able to stomach Benio up until this point, though, then this episode should be an easy one.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The camera is moving down Benio at one point, and briefly pauses on her breasts (she is clothed); in the preview, Benio pops up and comments that Mashiro has two kittens or kitties (not sure which) on her panties

Violence: A character is knocked to the ground

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Konoha gets giddy over a picture of Benio; Benio offers to “take responsibility” and asks Mashiro to marry her