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Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 8: Only A Little Sister Can Cure A Scar Left By A Little Sister


Prepare for the confrontation of the spirit people!…. in the second half, that is. Really, that’s where the plot of this episode mainly lies. The first half is more like a bunch of scenes of Benio being creepy, as well as comments about breasts and butts (primarily Kobeni’s). That’s the majority of what the Nudity/Sex/Fanservice section is about, actually. While these jokes aren’t particularly new to the series (poor Kobeni has been the target of comments for most of the series), it still doesn’t make them any more welcome. I suppose the first half may have some good moments (the only ones coming to mind are Kobeni sharing her taiyaki with Hakuya and Mayu “telling off” Niko), but prepare for a lot of Benio creepiness and jokes at Kobeni’s expense.

The second half actually picks up with the subject matter that starts this episode: the fact that Konoha is the same as Mashiro and Hakuya. This is where we also finally get to see a “confrontation”, if you will, between them. Don’t expect any flashy fights or displays of abilities, though; it doesn’t exactly go that way. It all simply builds up to the end of the episode, where we get a new plot twist thrown in (although don’t be surprised if you at least suspect it before the end–the thought at least crossed my mind). More amusing than anything is seeing Benio’s reaction to Kobeni telling her that something is none of her business, as well as seeing the effect Benio has had on Mashiro and Hakuya.

In the end, this is one of those shows that ends up being a mixed bag for me, I think. Sometimes I really look forward to seeing what happens next, and others I’m just kind of watching it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment where I truly disliked it, but at the same time I wouldn’t declare it to be anything great or ground breaking, either. A little more focus on Kobeni and Hakuya would be nice, too.

A Christian Perspective:

There are quite a few breast and butt jokes in this one. While there is only one scene with questionable content (Kobeni is shown putting on a pair of jeans, and I’m not quite sure what part of her body is being shown due to how close the camera is), the breast and butt jokes still have the potential to lead one astray. If you hear it enough, you may begin to think about it. If you think about it enough, it could snowball into more. So be aware that those are there. There’s also a scene where Hakuya flashes back to Benio holding a pair of Mashiro’s underwear.

God’s name is taken in vain by Benio, in the form of “Oh my G**”, and there are a couple instances of blood. Overall, this may not be the most Christian-unsafe episode of the show, but if you are not fond of the type of jokes in this episode, then maybe skim or skip the first half.

Language: 1 “Oh, my G**”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Benio inquires as to whether Kobeni’s chest has gotten bigger, and she states the previous month’s measurements (creepy…); Benio thinks Kobeni might be a boy, then comments about the proof, the “two bulges on her chest” (again, creepy…); Kobeni is shown pulling up a pair of pants, and the camera is zoomed in really close, although I couldn’t tell what, exactly, was being shown in terms of flesh (may have just been the back of her thighs, but it could have been her butt); a conversation ensues about Kobeni’s butt being big; comments about Kobeni’s breasts being big; Konoha comments on the size of her own chest and butt; a flashback to Benio holding a pair of Mashiro’s(?) underwear; breast size jokes in the episode preview

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: Blood is shown running from a character’s mouth; a character coughs out blood