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Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 5: This Woman Has Given Birth?


There’s something weird about the Mitsumine household… but you’ve probably figured that out by now, and we find out just what that is in this episode. No, I won’t spoil it for you.

Anyway, I found this episode to be fairly amusing overall. Hakuya’s and Mashiro’s attempts to avoid answering how old Mashiro is, for example, made for a fairly funny scene (although we do eventually find out just how old Mashiro is). It’s also funny to see how Hakuya shows his affection, and how Kobeni reacts.

The crux of the episode centers around the fact that a visitor is coming to Kobeni’s home from the Mitsumine household. In all honesty, I was expecting some kind of harsh, gruff visitor. What we get instead is Hakuya and Mashiro’s mother. As it turns out, she has a weakness for sweets and loose lips. It’s thanks to her that we find out the secret of the Mitsumine household, and also why we find out a bit of information about Hakuya and Kobeni’s initial meeting. She’s a quirky character, and certainly threw a wrench in my expectations, but any chances of a tense encounter are quickly dismissed. There is some tension as Kobeni’s sudden sickness kicks in again, but nothing too serious.

Benio is actually reigned in a bit this time around, too. While she is shown obsessing over Kobeni at one point (or more to the point, the fact that Kobeni is engaged to Hakuya), she snaps out of it and admits that she’s okay with the idea. It seems that, for as much of a sister complex she has, she can still be reasonable. I dare say that Benio may have actually been funny a couple times in this episode, as opposed to just plain creepy.

The question now is: where will the show go? I mean, the secrets are out, so what now? I suppose we’ll see. In all honesty, though, I don’t see Engaged to the Unidentified being the most noteworthy show, but it’s at least keeping me entertained for this season.

A Christian Perspective:

There are several breast jokes in this episode: Mashiro’s evaluation of Kobeni includes one of her breasts, Shirayuki comments mentally that Kobeni’s chest is the reason kimino don’t look right on Kobeni (the camera zooms in on Kobeni’s clothed chest), and in one scene Shirayuki grabs one of Kobeni’s breasts, which results in a scene of Kobeni’s breasts bouncing (she is clothed in this scene as well). So, while there was no nudity this time around, there were some jokes that are touchy. The worst, of course, being the third one mentioned. The first two were merely observations that we could have done without, but the third we really could have lived without.

Content Guide:

Violence: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Again, probably not the best place, but we have two breast jokes about Kobeni: one when Mashiro is considering her bridal potentials (a box goes across the screen with something like, “Excellent birthing figure and breasts”), and another time when she is discussing why kimono do not look good on her (the character she is talking to notices her chest, and the camera zooms in, but Kobeni is wearing a coat in this scene); Mashiro’s mom touches Kobeni’s breast (Kobeni is clothed), and her breasts are shown bouncing–Mashiro’s mom also comments on Kobeni’s breasts

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None