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Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 11: Enjoying the Handkerchief


You know, I was kind of bad this week and put off writing a few reviews. Now I’m in a bind of trying to remember exactly what happened in this episode…

Well, I certainly remember enjoying the episode. The issue of why Hakuya wears his hair over his eyes comes up, which does eventually get answered (although the answer may not prove to be that surprising, to be honest). Mashiro also puts herself at risk of being seen using her powers, which might have made for an interesting subplot, but given that next (this, at this point) week will be the conclusion of this show, I doubt we’ll see anything come of it. Of course, Benio is still Benio here, although I don’t remember her doing anything particularly noteworthy this time (although she is volunteering at a kindergarten at one point–nothing offensive happens, it’s just the general bad idea of letting Benio around young children). When Kobeni and Hakuya go out on a “date” with Mashiro the third wheel, Kobeni finally gets her answer as to why he wears his hair the way he does. This, seemingly, causes what is kind of a surprise ending to this episode.

Well, that’s what I have. It’s more of an overview than a review, though, which is what I get for letting my memories of the episode run a bit dry….

A Christian Perspective:

One scene has Benio imagining a bust shot of Kobeni with only her handkerchief as a cover (nothing actually shows, though, as far as I remember), and there is another scene in the preview that shows Mashiro in a bikini and in the bath with conveniently placed soap suds. This is certainly not the worst it could be (especially considering some of the opening shots of the intro), but it’s still more than it honestly needs to be.

Other than that, there is one scene where a character is lightly hit on the head with a rolled magazine.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Benio imagines a bust shot of Kobeni with only the handkerchief as her cover; the next episode preview shows a shot of Mashiro in a bikini and another of her in the bath (with conveniently placed soap suds)

Violence: A character is lightly hit on the head with a rolled magazine

Blood/Gore: None