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Review: Classroom Crisis, Episode 10: Director Nagisa Kiryu


With Yuji out of the way, Nagisa manages to ascend the ranks and takes his position as a member of the board of directors. From his new position, he begins to plan his overthrow of Kazuhisa and his salvation of A-TEC. Meanwhile, A-TEC continues to power away at their project to prove their abilities and their worth. While certain members miss Nagisa, he gathers his forces and plans his strategy to gain the majority of the votes to save A-TEC. Unfortunately for Nagisa, an unexpected turn of events throws his plan through a loop. Elsewhere, Iris takes the new ship out for its test flight, but begins to experience problems before remembering a shocking and long-forgotten secret…

This is the kind of episode that can set you on edge despite the fact that there is no “action” in the traditional sense. Now that Nagisa’s plan is in full motion, the question of what he is going to do next reigns in the viewer’s mind. While the efforts of A-TEC certainly provide a source of interest, Nagisa definitely steals the spotlight as he schemes with the vice president and meets with neutral board members in order to arrange for their support in his vote for A-TEC’s survival. Unfortunately, his meetings are played out in a series of montages, so we don’t actually get to hear how he manages to convince the neutral members to side with him.

While A-TEC’s activities are not nearly as interesting as Nagisa’s, there are still some moments worth noting. Mitsuki and Iris’ conversation that confirm certain feelings that Mitsuki holds is certainly worth seeing (and is a definite confirmation of something we already figured out), but more to the point is Iris’ test flight. It does a good job of bringing to a climax all of the various experiences Iris has had over the past several episodes, namely the various flashbacks and, later, hallucinations. All of this culminates in a plot twist that no one could have seen coming. As if one plot twist wasn’t enough, Angelina receives a phone call while Nagisa is in his meeting, and she finds out a particularly shocking political development that will completely alter the course of Nagisa’s plans. Iris and Nagisa’s fates are left hanging in the balance as the credits roll, and the lack of an episode preview means we have no idea what will happen until the next episode releases!

A Christian Perspective:

Proverbs 19:21 – Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Many of my examples are imperfect at best, and this one is no different, because I am ultimately comparing a Scripture about man’s plans vs. God’s to a situation where the plans of two men conflict. At any rate, I hope you’ll at least see what I’m trying to do.

So, the Scripture above makes it clear that we have many of our own plans, but ultimately they are meaningless, because God’s will prevails. In this episode, we watch as Nagisa carefully plans his next move to ensure his victory over Kazuhisa between meeting with the VP, pouring over documents with Angelina, and meeting with the various men he hopes to win to his side. When he goes into the meeting, everything appears to be on his side and his victory assured, only for a completely unforeseen series of circumstances unfold that completely undo all of Nagisa’s plans. It is strongly suggested that Kazuhisa knew about Nagisa’s plans long before they were laid, and that his plans were set in motion to counteract Nagisa. Of course, Kazuhisa isn’t omniscient, which is why this is not a perfect comparison, but the fact still remains that Nagisa made a lot of plans only to have them fall apart at the hands of someone more powerful and more knowledgeable.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “dumb*ss”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: People are shot off screen

Blood/Gore: A child’s face is shown with some blood splattered on it; men appear to be lying in pools of blood; another man appears to be lying in a pool of blood; other flashbacks show blood, including a man bleeding in a spaceship with blood floating around him and an old man shot in the back, lying in a pool of blood