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Review: Charlotte, Episode 9: The World is Not in Here


In a completely odd turn of events, Yu spends time agonizing over his outfit for the Zhiend concert. Once he finally decides, he meets up with Nao and heads to the show early so that Nao can get a particular piece of merchandise. Through this series of events, we see sides of both characters that we have not seen before. While it appears to just be a fun day out, that illusion is crushed when Zhiend plays a new song that isn’t new to Yu. Without spoiling the major plot twist in this episode, let’s just say that Yu’s eyes are opened to a truth he could never have imagined.

The past several episodes have certainly been an upswing for Charlotte, and this entry is no different. For the first time in the series, something resembling an overarching plot is presented. While shows don’t necessarily need a central plot to be successful (see: character driven shows), the early part of Charlotte was spent wondering what the point of the show was. Now we have an answer. While Yu’s collapse and subsequent transformation were certainly good plot points, the events in this episode take everything a step further and provide a greater sense of depth to the entire mythos of Charlotte.

Only one criticism can really be given about the turn of events taken this time around: there was no foreshadowing that lead up to these events. Granted, the previous episode did provide some sense of mystery by suggesting that Yu had some previous connection to Zhiend, which is further explored and explained in this episode. How the events of this episode will continue into the remainder of the show is yet to be seen, but Charlotte’s potential for leaving a lasting impact has certainly been increasing.

A Christian Perspective:

Honestly, coming up with something for this episode was really difficult. The best I have to offer is that this episode reveals something deeper and bigger behind the world of Charlotte. While up until this point, we (and the characters) have only known the reality shown to us, it turns out that there was so much more that lead up to the current state of things. In the same way, we live in a world where there is more than what we can see with our eyes. As you can probably figure out, I’m talking about the existence of God and the fact that there is an eternity beyond the physical life that we know. Even more in line with the point of this episode is the fact that there was a lot more behind the creation of the world we know than what we experience. While we can certainly find scientific explanations to help us understand certain things, there are things that we simply cannot understand and answers that we cannot find on our own.

Content Guide:

Language: 5 “d*mmit”, 1 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: Yu is tazed

Blood/Gore: A scientist is shown with blood on his face and coat

Other: Use of special powers