Review: Classroom Crisis, Episode 7: Hanako Hattori’s Longest Day


While the majority of A-TEC continues to plug away at ideas for developing their new engine on a limited budget, Angelina and Iris attend a conference on another planet. Everything appears to go smoothly until the two women miss their flight and end up on a private spaceship ferrying a special guest of the Kirishina Corporation. While this at first seems to be a blessing, they quickly find themselves embroiled in a kidnapping attempt that may not be a random act of terrorism. Though the situation aboard the ship is easily taken care of, it comes down to A-TEC to lead their comrades back home.

This episode was, first and foremost, a good effort at building some camaraderie between Angelina and Iris. While the two could hardly be called “friends” by episode’s end, there certainly appears to be a nicer relationship between them at the conclusion. This installment also continues the subtle search into Iris’ past, as a certain event seems to trigger some traumatic memories for her. These memories are obscure and leave little explanation as to what they are, but it appears that something tragic may have happened. Additionally, Angelina offers some commentary that also lends to revealing details of Iris’ past. Less prevalent—but still noteworthy—is the ultimate confirmation that Angelina is much more than a simple accounting worker.

Elsewhere, Nagisa appears to continue his (admittedly subtle) character change. While he still appears to be the hard-nosed chief of A-TEC, his concern for his team (or at least Angelina) comes out when he offers to cover for some illegal activity that the class plans to employ in the rescue of Angelina and Iris. This also comes on the heels of Youji commanding him to basically not get involved in the situation at all. While Nagisa and Youji’s relationship certainly isn’t a positive one, it still says something that Nagisa was willing to defy his higher-up, given his position and goals within the company. The interaction between the two brothers also furthers the theory that Youji is behind a lot of what is going on with A-TEC’s closure and the hijacking.

While it’s hard to tell in which direction this show is moving, at least it is finally moving. A slow starter, it is gradually becoming more interesting as character motives and back-stories are explored and brought to light. Hopefully things will continue in this direction and ultimately leave us with a story worth remembering.

A Christian Perspective:

Luke 8:17 – For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

For us viewers, it seems fairly obvious that Yuji has been a less than savory character. We’ve pretty much figured out that he has a hand in the bad things that have happened or are happening in the show. That is our privilege as the viewers. As for the characters, they are not in on the secret; however, Nagisa is beginning to figure it out, although we know that he at least suspected something all along (and he may already had knowledge about Yuji’s plans). Either way, Nagisa certainly seems to figure out Yuji’s connection to this episode’s abduction, and though Nagisa does not ultimately expose Yuji, it still goes to serve as an example of this perspective’s verse: though Yuji thinks he is operating in the shadow, his schemes are actually known to at least one person, and if one person can find him out, so can others.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “cr*p”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Angelina drinks wine

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: A flashback shows Iris in a bikini top

Violence: There is a fight aboard a spaceship—men are hit, kicked, hit in the face with a knee, and hit on the head with a lamp; a character is shot

Blood/Gore: A character bleeds from her gunshot wound; a flashback shows blood

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