Review: Classroom Crisis, Episode 5: The Shame of the Journey Overrides


After Kiryu’s plan to interfere with Kaito’s plans backfires, he finds himself in yet another confrontation with his brother. What’s worse is that he has another deal that is looming over his head, and that needs to be sealed by the end of the following day in order for it to go through. In the midst of all this, A-TEC has their class trip to the beach, which Kiryu is inevitably drug along for. Several mishaps befall him as he tries to complete his work while the others have fun around him, and in the end he must rely on one of his fellow classmates to help him accomplish the task at hand. Relationships are strengthened, new mysteries are created, and typical “beach episode” antics ensue.

On the one hand, this episode is kind of a killjoy in the sense that it almost completely halts the forward progression that the story had been taking in the previous episode. While the tension between Kaito and Kiryu was continuing to build in their game of back-and-forth, that all pretty much gets halted in this episode to focus on beach antics and Kiryu’s need to finish his deal. On the other hand, the episode certainly offers some quality moments, especially in terms of the growth between Kiryu and Mizuki and Kiryu and Iris. Whether or not a romantic relationship between Kiryu and Mizuki is the end goal cannot be said, although it certainly seems possible based on some of their interactions in this episode. There is also a scene that continues to build the mystery that seems to surround Angelina—namely, who she is, exactly. While we already know her true name (and that in no particularly special fashion), we still don’t know her true purpose, and the fact that she seemed to be pulling a kunai from her pocket in this episode—on top of the idea of her being a ninja getting jokingly declined—raises some suspicions as to whether she really is just an employee from accounting.

Unfortunately, the episode is bogged down by a bit of fanservice. While it is common fare to have a group of perverts who try to peep on the girls in the bath, it doesn’t mean the viewer needs to ultimately see what they were trying to peep on. It is certainly humorous to watch the would-be voyeurs get blown up, but we are then given a scene of several female students in the bath. While the level of nudity is not as terrible as it could be, it is certainly enough to make viewers who are sensitive to this content uncomfortable. There is another bath scene near the end of the episode, and while this one at least serves some purpose (Mizuki gets a look at Kiryu’s scars), there were certainly other ways to go about it than the baring of flesh on the screen.

If you are able to get past the unsavory content, then the episode is at least a decent entry, even if it doesn’t really progress the main plot. There are some truly humorous moments, and the character bonds that are formed will likely play a role in future developments. If nothing else, seeing more of the characters does help to become more interested in them, which may make the events of the story have more of an impact further down the line.

A Christian Perspective:

Exodus 34:21 – Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest. In plowing time and in harvest you shall rest.

Let me start off by saying that I am not here to start a debate about the Sabbath and whether or not Christians are to observe it, etc etc. Chances are, you already have your stance on the issue, and if you don’t, well there are men far better versed than I who you could consult on the issue. Regardless of whether you believe in a strict Sabbath observance or not, I think the Bible does make it pretty clear that it is important to take time to rest. The verse quoted here specifies that even in times of plowing and harvest, rest should be had. So how does this apply to this episode? Well, let’s just look at Kiryu: the class is, essentially, on vacation, and yet his focus is solely on the deal he is trying to solidify, causing him to miss out on any sense of relaxation or enjoyment that may be had. Now, you may argue that he didn’t have that luxury, because the deal was a timed thing that had to be done that day. That may very well be a valid point, but this points to a larger aspect of Kiryu’s character, namely that we never see (or hear) about him taking any breaks. He always seems to be working. Inevitably, if we keep working non-stop, we will burn ourselves out. We could also miss out on other opportunities because our minds are so focused on work.

A devotional I once read stated that by being intentional about setting aside a day to rest, we could be focused on getting done everything we needed to prior to that day (my paraphrase). If Kiryu had done this—if he had found a way to seal the deal the day prior—then he could have enjoyed the trip, but based on his character, it didn’t even seem to be something that interested him, so he lost out on any chance to relax, and suffered quite a bit of stress in the process. Sabbatarian or Non-Sabbatarian, we all need to take time to rest, regardless, so let’s try to keep that in mind as we go about our lives.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: 1 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Angelina and Kaito are shown at a bar, and Angelina is clearly drunk—she shoves a glass of alcohol at Kaito, as well-written; Kaito drinks

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Kaito and his students are shown in their bathing suits—several of the female students’ suits show cleavage; there is one shot from behind Iris where the camera is close to her bikini-clad butt (you can see her butt cheeks partially sticking out); several female students are shown in a hot spring, and varying levels of nudity are shown (although no nipples or groin shots are shown); Angelina is shown with her robe falling open, to reveal cleavage; Mitsuki, Iris, and Kiryu are all shown in the bath—the tops of Mitsuki’s breasts are shown, most of Kiryu’s body is shown from a distance, and Iris’ midsection is shown close up, and you also see the tops of her breasts; Kiryu’s bare back is shown in a flashback

Violence: Angelina holds a pen to Maoika’s throat; Angelina stomps on Maoika’s head

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Subaru (who I think is female) wants to peep on the female students in the bath along with two boys; Mizuki and Iris’ relationship is still suspect; Maioka seems to enjoy having Angelina hurt him

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