Review: Classroom Crisis, Episode 4: Clash! Union Battle


With his class drastically reduced in size, Kaito’s spirits are low and he is in need of a new strategy to combat Kiryu’s attempts to shut down A-TEC. When a fellow employee tries to pass off an obligation to Kaito, he is inspired to appeal to the union, a move that seems to initially play in A-TEC’s favor; however, Kaito’s students quickly realize what Kiryu meant when he said that the union isn’t as righteous as they think. Even so, it seems that Kaito has gained an upper hand against Kiryu’s plans, until Kiryu pulls a trump card of his own, effectively stopping Kaito’s plans in their tracks. Just when it seems like things are back at square one, Kaito finds support from those he thought had abandoned him, and manages to find an answer to his problems from the very thing Kiryu intended as a hindrance.

This is the first episode of Classroom Crisis that I found truly compelling. Not that the previous episodes have necessarily been boring, but this time around there seemed to be a purpose and central plot driving the entire episode. The initial introduction of the union made the show seem like it may have been heading in the direction of “educational” anime, such as Spice and Wolf and Maoyu (both of which wrapped up lessons about economics in their fantasy plots), but outside of the explanation of what a union is, this episode didn’t really cover much in terms of educating the viewer about business practices. It did, however, deliver in terms of genuinely tense moments, such as Kiryu’s comment about the union not being righteous followed by the political rally where it was revealed that the union intended to use Kaito’s notoriety to back a political candidate.

The episode does raise curiosities about the standard Japanese view of unions, given the shady motives displayed and their swift abandonment of Kaito when his status changes. Of course, it is incredibly satisfying to watch Kaito turn this change of events to his favor (no doubt with the assistance of his students). Watching Kiryu (and Angelina) get one-upped is one of this entry’s highlights, especially because their characters are easy to dislike in many circumstances. Despite that, the writers do a good job of making these characters (or at least Kiryu) compelling in their on right. The tension between him and his brother continues to build, and one can’t help but wonder what the story behind their relationship (and the brother’s motives) is. Add that to Kiryu’s confusing reaction to Kaito’s actions at the end of the episode, and it really makes forming an opinion on Kiryu difficult.

If you’ve been feeling a bit unsure about Classroom Crisis, then at least give this episode a try. It’s events seem to finally establish a genuine sense of conflict between the opposing parties, instead of simply continuing the various occurrences of Kiryu and Angelina further deconstructing A-TEC. While Kaito (and, to an extent, Kiryu) seem to have definitively taken the title of “main character(s)”, the show still does a good job of showing the efforts of Kaito’s students without causing them to feel as if they’re simply tagged on characters. If Classroom Crisis can continue like this, it just may turn out to be a great show.

A Christian Perspective:

Matthew 24:13 – but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

While I know that this verse is talking about the eternal salvation of our souls (a much more serious meaning than what I’m going to discuss here), the idea of “standing firm” seemed to be presented in this episode. The implication of this verse seems to be clear: it is only those who stand firm that will be saved. In the same vein, only those who stand firm in whatever trials they face will have a chance of seeing victory. This certainly holds true for A-TEC’s situation, because if Kaito and his class choose to quit trying, then A-TEC will be closed down for good. There were certainly times in this episode where the idea of Kaito giving up was presented, yet every time he decided to stay in the game and continue fighting. As a result, several students who had quit A-TEC have returned, and they have found a way to game the system so that they can function the way they need to. Of course, as previously stated, none of this matches the severity of standing firm in our faith, but it is still a good lesson for us to learn. Of course, there will be things in life that aren’t worth pursuing, so we need wisdom and discernment to determine if what we are fighting for deserves the effort required to pursue it.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: 1 “h*ck”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The episode preview shows Kaito shirtless, girls in bikinis (with some cleavage), and one girl in a hot spring where you can see the tops of her breasts

Violence: Kiryu is hit in the face with a newspaper; a character has her cheeks pulled and fists grinded into her head; Angelina slaps Kaito

Blood/Gore: None

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