Review: Charlotte, Episode 5: The Sound You Heard Sometime


When Nao is dragged out of class by a group of girls, a curious Yuu follows, intent on seeing what’s happening. What he finds is less than thrilling, but before he can really question what he witnessed Nao announces that Kumagami is going to appear again to announce a new target. This leads to a several day camping trip for the student council while they attempt to draw out a teenager with the ability to fly. During this time, Yuu gets to know Nao a little better, and the student council engages in various antics.

While this episode doesn’t do much to answer the question of what Charlotte’s central plot is, it does at least take the time to build character relationships, particularly between Yuu and Nao. Whether or not these two are intended to be each others’ love interests is unknown, but Yusa does comment that they seem like a good match for each other. At any rate, the pair does provide quite a bit of comic relief this time around, particularly as they banter over what to purchase at the grocery store. A later scene shows them bonding on a more serious level, as the subject of Nao’s brother sort of comes up when Yuu inquires about Nao’s music player.

Perhaps the most compelling part of this entry is that it shows there is more to these characters (at least some of them) than meets the eye. While Jojiro remains fairly creepy and Yusa-obsessed (although he does offer Yuu some serious advice late in the episode), Yusa remains oblivious, and Misa remains vulgar, Nao shows more of herself than we have seen thus far. Yuu is even kind enough to point it out, in case we miss it. He may be the “main” character for the series, but Nao is probably the most interesting character, given that much of her story is still shrouded. For example, why was she beat up in the beginning? The girl who is hitting her says that each hit is for a different person, but who are these people? Hopefully we’ll find out in upcoming episodes.

Even if this outing doesn’t establish any kind of central plot, it is at least an enjoyable twenty-ish minutes that will provide some laughs along with some generally heartfelt moments. If nothing else, Key has succeeded in created a likable cast of characters (don’t they always?) who can carry the show even without a central direction for the show to move in (although without a point, the show kind of stagnates at “good” instead of “great”). Of course, there are at least a few nuggets left around to make us hope for something a little deeper. Ayu’s fever at the end of the episode does seem a bit foreboding, doesn’t it? If Key has no intention of building a deep and meaningful plot out of this show, then hopefully they will at least continue writing entertaining episodes that help us fall more in love with these characters.

A Christian Perspective:

Matthew 5:39 – But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

Yes, this one is kind of obvious, but it’s the best I have, and honestly it may not even be a very pertinent point. As you can probably guess, I’m equating the scene where Nao gets beaten up without any resistance to the idea of turning the other cheek. Of course, the set up to that is to not resist an evil person. Right now, we do not know what Nao did to get beaten up, so it’s possible that she isn’t innocent in this situation. I have also heard it said that this Scripture doesn’t mean Christians can’t defend themselves. If nothing else, perhaps this could be a good jumping off point for a deeper look into what the Scripture really means, although to be honest I would rather opt for the literal interpretation and not retaliate, if for no other reason than to be “better safe than sorry”.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: Misa cusses, but it is censored in both the voice acting and subtitles; 2 “d*mmit”, 1 “d*mn”, 1 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Yuu and Jojiro are shown shirtless; Yusarin/Misa is shown in the bath, where you can see the top of her breasts

Violence: Nao gets hit several times; Misa kicks Jojiro; Nao playfully punches Yuu in the arm

Blood/Gore: There seems to be a little blood after Nao takes her first hit

Other: Use of special abilities, as always

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