Review: Charlotte, Episode 4: Moment of Earnest


Yusarin transfers into the same class as Yu, Jojiro, and Nao, but the classroom festivities over a celebrity classmate don’t last long as Yusa is quickly whisked away to the student council room for the announcement of yet another mark. This time around, the target is a high school baseball pitcher with telekinesis who is using his powers to influence his pitches. When confronted by Yu and company, he initially attempts to deny his powers before agreeing to a baseball game between the two schools’ baseball teams. The terms? If Nao’s team wins, then he has to stop using his powers, and if his team wins then he can keep doing his thing. This, of course, launches a baseball game that takes up almost half of the episode.

This episode is certainly more enjoyable if you consider yourself a baseball fan, but there are enough shenanigans with special powers to make the episode enjoyable to even the most hardened anti-sports individual. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this entry from a pure entertainment standpoint—each character’s quirky nature plays a role in producing laughter and amusement—but one cannot help wondering what the point is. As of yet, no greater narrative has been established in the story, save for small, momentary glimpses of Yu seeming to change as a person. Other than that, the episodes seem to simply play out in a similar format each week. While Charlotte does what it does well, the fact that this is a Key anime does bring viewers to expect more, and there is still plenty of time to hope for more, but the lack of any clear overarching story is disheartening for the time being.

A Christian Perspective:

Philippians 2:4 – Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. (ESV)

To me, this verse is exemplified in this episode when Arifumi reveals that he was using his powers not to glorify himself, but to bring his friend (the catcher for his team) to a large arena where his talents as a catcher could be recognized by bigger and better names. The assumption throughout the episode was that Arifumi was only looking to win prestige for himself, so this particular revelation was a surprising addition to the episode. That doesn’t excuse what he did—cheating is still cheating, and it is still dishonest, which (much like most of my perspectives) means that this isn’t a perfect application of Scripture, because I don’t believe the Bible supports doing good through practicing wrong. The most basic lesson here can be applied to every day life, though: if you have a special skill that can be used to the benefit of others, then you should not horde it only for your benefit, but share it so that others may also share in the bounty.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: Yusarin can still be possessed

Language: 1 “b*stard”, 2 “a**es”, 1 “jack*ss”, 1 “a**”, 6 or 7 “d*mmit”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: Jojiro has blood on his uniform, and his face is censored, suggesting that it is badly mutilated; blood shoots from Ayu’s nose

Other: Yusarin uses a “magic spell” (that is really just her doing cute stuff) to make two guys make up; a boy can use telekinesis; in general, the use of special abilities is present as always; Yusarin uses another “magic spell” to calm a guy down

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