Review: Plastic Memories, Episode 11: Rice Omelette Day


In the previous episode, we finally got the love confession from Isla that we (and Tsukasa) had been waiting for. This episode allows us to follow them around the following day, which is their first as boyfriend and girlfriend. In reality, there is very little plot to this episode, other than Isla and Tsukasa both wanting to something special for the other. Isla quickly decides that she wants to cook for Tsukasa while Tsukasa finds it considerably harder to determine what he should do for Isla. All of that is to say that there is very little to appraise in terms of “story” this time around, so if you like the idea of seeing a day in the new couple’s life, then you’ll enjoy the episode from a story/progression standpoint.

Christian viewers should be aware of a few instances in this episode that may be a bit uncomfortable, all of which are near the beginning of the episode. First is when Isla goes to wake Tsukasa up. As she leans over, the front of her shirt comes down, and a small portion of her breasts is shown (nothing more than if you saw cleavage), with a brief zoom-in. Second is when Isla falls down the steps a few moments later, with her panties exposed after her fall. Third is when Yasutaka makes some suggestive comments about what the new couple spent the night doing (in reality, they haven’t even kissed yet).

Beyond that, the episode is just a giant ball of saccharin sweetness. Of course the other members of Terminal Service 1 stick their noses in (both invited and uninvited) to offer advice, and Tsukasa and Isla are shown to have a lovey-dovey moment that drives their co-workers away. Anyone who can remember the thrill of their first love should understand where these two are coming from. Quite possibly the sweetest thing about the episode is how they both focus on doing something nice for the other. Isla is inspired to cook for Tsukasa after seeing another worker’s lunch, and ends up seeking out Michiru’s help with cooking. Tsukasa doesn’t fair as well at finding answers, but that’s not for lack of trying. He truly does try hard, even going so far as to talk to the mafia boss’ Gifita about the situation. By the end they do find a result that works for them, which leads to an even greater overload of cuteness. On top of this, seeing Isla happier and more expressive than she has been for most of the series is really enjoyable. Let’s not forget in the midst of all of this, though, that Isla’s time is ticking down. While that fact is ignored by this episode, the viewer can’t shake the reality, and watching all of this will undoubtedly set us up for a harder fall when the hammer comes down in the end.

Before this review wraps up, it is worth noting that Zack is particularly bratty in this episode, much to the amusement of the viewer. From exposing Michiru’s curiosity to suggesting surprises that would get Tsukasa slapped before anything else, he provides a certain level of comedy to the episode’s early moments. In general, the entire cast is in high spirits this time around which, again, will only serve to build us up before likely tearing us down in the final two episodes. We’ve made it this far, viewers, so lets not back down now. Let’s ride this feels train until it reaches its destination.

A Christian Perspective:

Acts 20:35 – In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

Much of this episode focuses on both Isla and Tsukasa wanting to do something to “surprise” each other due to a statement from Yasutaka. While there are certainly other things going on, the underlying theme is still there. While Isla quickly figures out what she wants to do and sets about planning how to do it, Tsukasa finds it harder to come up with an answer, and finds himself seeking advice from others in order to come up with an idea. In both cases, though, we have individuals who are focusing their attention on what they can do for the other, instead of what the other can do for them. Perhaps the scripture from Acts isn’t the most compatible verse for this situation, but I think it gets the point across, as both parties are focused on giving something to the other.

The challenge, especially in relationships, becomes keeping up with this attitude. A new relationship—especially a romantic relationship—can drive people to do crazy things, whether in an attempt to impress the other or simply because the parties are completely infatuated with one another. As time goes on, that “new relationship” smell washes off, and the real nature of what a relationship is rears its head. The challenge here, especially for Christians, is to be just as generous and giving whether we have some strong feeling or not, and this in all of our relationships, not just out romantic ones (of course, the Bible does have some very specific instructions for husbands and wives).

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: 2 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: At roughly 3:14 – 3:17 Isla bends over and you can basically see cleavage—the camera also zooms in on this; shortly after the cleavage scene, Isla falls down the stairs, and you can see her panties for a few seconds

Violence: Kazuki squeezes Tsukasa’s shoulder; Michiru gently flicks Isla’s forehead

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Yasutaka makes some suggestive comments about Tsukasa and Isla’s relationship

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