Review: Plastic Memories, Episode 6: Welcome Home the Both of Us


Despite last week’s attempt to create something of a nail-biter ending, most viewers probably figured out that Isla wasn’t going to die. This fact is confirmed pretty much right off the bat this time around (thus, not really much of a spoiler). More insight into Isla’s past relationship with Kazuki is given, with a very brief look at its happy beginning all the way to its sad end, which seems to be at least somewhat related to Kazuki’s injury from Michiru’s father. Surprisingly, despite some tender moments in the beginning, a good portion of this episode is devoted to comedy. Thanks to a misinterpretation of Isla’s comments, Eru goes on a quest to stalk Tsukasa and find out as much about him as possible. This ultimately leads to some truly hilarious moments, before things settle down again.

Once Eru’s antics are over, the tone of the episode switches to something a little more serious, with Isla taking some time out to meet with only Michiru. It is here that we find out what ultimately happened with Souta after Marcia’s “death”, and it is quite possibly the saddest part of the episode. It really sheds some light onto Tsukasa’s character (especially when coupled with the statement that he’ll probably never forget, and he probably doesn’t want to). All of this helps to show that Plastic Memories can weave comedy and drama together fairly well, without one seeming to overpower or cheapen the other. Even a more comedic episode like this one manages to have its sweet and endearing moments (Isla patting Tsukasa’s head, Tsukasa crying with Souta, Isla waiting eagerly for Tsukasa to come home, and especially Isla’s smile near the end.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode. It managed to bring a mostly lighthearted serving to the table without cheapening what happened to Marcia in the last episode. It deals with some of the ongoing concepts without seeking to completely depress the viewer. And it offers glimmers of hope and love that this sappy reviewer is hoping to see come to fruition. Whether Plastic Memories will ultimately be a tearjerker or a weird romantic comedy in the end is yet to be seen, but one would probably make for a better story while another would be more personally pleasing. Only time will tell. For now, we get to count down the days along with Tsukasa….

A Christian Perspective:

1 Corinthians 13:8 – Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Okay, so only the first sentence of this verse actually applies to this week’s perspective. Basically, it’s a simple application. Throughout this episode, we see how a certain degree of love is working in Isla and Tsukasa’s relationship. From small hints like Isla rubbing Tsukasa’s head to Tsukasa declaring that he wants to be with Isla to the end, despite finding out about her small remainder of time, there are examples that some kind of love exists between the two. Whether this is (or will become) romantic love is yet to be seen, but to be honest I kind of hope it is. I can’t help it, I like seeing romances.

Now, this does bring up an interesting question: did Kazuki not love Isla? I think she genuinely did, but we don’t know the full story as to why she broke off her partnership with Isla. Whether it was from concern for Isla (not wanting her to get hurt) or from selfishness (Kazuki herself not wanting to be hurt by something happening to Isla) is not clear to me yet. Regardless of Kazuki’s reasoning, though, we are seeing Paul’s statement come true in Isla’s relationship with Tsukasa. As we are shown at the end of the episode, she is starting to become happy again, and is bearing more resemblance to the happy girl shown in some of today’s flashbacks.

Let’s be honest: what Tsukasa is doing isn’t easy. He’s allowing himself to go deeper into something that will only end in despair, yet his love for Isla is too strong to do anything else. Let us keep that in mind, as well, when we are faced with tough situations where the loving option may be the costly option.

Content Guide:

Spiritual Content: None

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: Kazuki is shown drinking and getting drunk; Isla and another girl are shown with men and alcohol; two men are shown at a bar, drinking alcohol

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Eru shows cleavage throughout the episode; Tsukasa’s bare chest is shown in the shower, and Eru and Isla are also shown in the shower (but the most you see is the top of one of Eru’s breasts)

Violence: Flashbacks shows a Giftia choking a child; Marcia is hit with the blast from Tsukasa’s gun; Sherry throws a pen through a pair of binoculars; Kazuki puts Tsukasa in a body hold

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Isla pulls the old, “Do you want dinner, a bath, or me” joke

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