Review: KanColle, Episode 10: Let’s Do Our Best!


If you’ve watched the previous episode (and you should have if you’re reading this review), then you should already know that Fubuki is due for a remodel per the Admiral’s orders. In true Fubuki fashion, she begins pushing herself as hard as she can in an effort to spark the remodel. Meanwhile, Nagato is wracking her brain trying to figure out where the Abyssal base mentioned in the Admiral’s notes is. She and Mutsu determine that the name must be a code, due to the fact that the enemy had previously intercepted their communications. Their only course of action is to scout out enemy bases and do their best to determine the right base.

You can probably imagine how this goes: Fubuki gets sent out, gets overzealous, and gets herself into trouble because she’s trying to prompt her remodel. While this may be fairly predictable overall, the writers do a good job of at least throwing in one curve ball during the fight. One thing that seemed inconsistent in this episode, though, was that, despite being damaged in the battle, Fubuki spends very little time in the baths getting “repaired”. Previous episodes seem to have established that girls damaged in battle can take a while to heal without a special item, yet Fubuki seems to be out fairly quickly. It’s a minor detail, certainly, but still something that stood out.

Honestly, this is probably one of the more serious episodes in the entire series. Fubuki spends a lot of time in self-reflection, and there is one particularly intense scene with Mutsuki. Incidentally, it felt like this scene was trying to imply something deeper, although nothing actually happens between the two girls. Just something to be aware of. By the climax of the episode (no, the battle is not the climax), Fubuki is given the opportunity to do something she has wanted since episode one, but first she must endure a harsh trial. These, too, are some pretty intense scenes to watch, although the removal of the threat of death does diminish some of the tension.

While KanColle may not be the greatest anime ever created, it still does well with what it is, and manages to present something that is enjoyable to watch. While certainly not without its faults, it makes you want to come back for more, and this writer can’t help but feel a bit of anticipation as the final battle approaches.

A Christian Perspective:

Romans 5: 3-4 – Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Fubuki’s efforts to achieve her remodel offer a parallel to these verses. Much like Paul describes good things coming from our sufferings, Fubuki also realizes that in order to achieve the good thing she wants (a remodel), she will have to go through some sufferings. These include, among other things, a lot of training and a beating from two of her fellow fleet girls. The end of the episode shows Fubuki battered, weakened, and likely exhausted, yet she doesn’t give up—she presses on, completes the task at hand, and achieves the goal for which she was working.

This example should be an inspiration and encouragement to us Christians, because it is a tangible way to look at what we are hoping for in Christ. As we watch others achieve their goals despite sufferings (whether in real life or fiction), we can be encouraged that there are results to be had at the end of our trials.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Nagato and Mutsu’s midrift outfits; Shimakaze is shown in her usual tiny skirt—you can see her underwear straps and part of her butt crack sticking out of the top; Fubuki is shown in the bath, but as usual you only see the equivalent of cleavage; there is a brief underwear shot at 20:58

Violence: Fubuki destroys some targets; bombs are shot at a squad of girls; Fubuki shoots an Abyssal; a girl is hit twice by enemy fire; Fubuki is hit by practice fire; planes are destroyed

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Mutsu refers to Nagato as the girl she cares “so much about”; Oicchi is creepy with Kitakami (again…); Mutsuki and Fubuki have a serious conversation, and Mutsuki wraps her pinky around Fubuki’s—from a distance it looks as though the two are standing very close and facing each other, although nothing is actually shown to occur; Fubuki looks at Yuudachi’s chest and then at her own

4 thoughts on “Review: KanColle, Episode 10: Let’s Do Our Best!

    1. rmiller1656

      Suggested shoujo-ai is probably a better way to put it. There are some questionable comments made, but there are no official relationships. The closest is Kitakami and Oicchi, and it seems to be heavily one-sided on Oicchi’s part. For the most part they seem to create blurry lines that could just be very deep friendships or could suggest more if that’s what you want.

      I can certainly understand why you dropped it. I figured I would end up throwing it aside, as well, but ultimately it ended up not being the fanservice fest I expected, and I found enough to like about it despite the unfavorable elements.

      If this had gone the way of Strike Witches (which is what I initially anticipated) then you can bet your bottom dollar that this show would have been dropped faster than a hot potato in the middle of July.

      1. David A

        Thanks for the explanation.

        Still, suggested shoujo-ai is something questionable.

        It would be better if those shows opted for deep friendships instead of that.

  1. TC

    Look Can we please stop dancing around it Ooi and Kitakami aren’t close friends I’m not saying they are a full lesbian couple but really now they are as close to lesbians as those two gals from sailor moon that the English dub tried to make related (which actually made it more sinful I think.) I like seeing a review like this because I’ve never seen an anime fan look at fan service so closely. I like the idea that people will drop an anime for too much cheesecake. Honestly LGBT and the sort don’t bother me even though I am a Christian and don’t wish to participate or publically condone it (Let God judge them I refuse to ostracize or demonize an individual for personal matters in that area). It causes more hatred than is called for, and just makes Christians look like bloody loons. Back to the relationship thing it does seem mostly one-sided, but considering the fact that they sleep together, eat together, hold hands, take night walks I believe it’s mutual. Anywho sorry Had to get that off me chest though I doubt anyone will read this. Have a pleasant evening lads I’m not far off from bed.


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