Review: Captain Earth, Episode 6: Kivotos Plan


So Captain Earth has kind of been my neglected show this season… I’m still playing catch up, and I actually watched this particular episode a couple weeks ago. Suffice it to say, my memory of what exactly happens is vague, save for the bit of help I have from Wikipedia and the little bit I remember.

What I do remember is that the member of Salty Dog who was present in the early episodes makes a return, this time in an attempt to rescue Hana. Daichi, of course, steps up to save her, but the question becomes whether or not he actually has it in him to shoot someone, despite the fact that he was quick to call the Livlaster. Beyond this, the episode deals with the specifics of the Kivotos Plan (for which the episode is named). Interestingly, while it sounds like a despicable plan, it’s something that I would not be entirely shocked to see humanity implement at some point. The basic idea is that a small group of humanity would be salvaged from the destruction of mankind. While Captain Earth deals with mankind’s destruction with the threat of space vampires (more or less), I would not be entirely surprised if our earth was facing destruction and some plan was put in place to save a select few “elite” people. Do we have the technology? Who knows?

Well… I don’t have much else of substance to say here.

A Christian Perspective:

I think we can learn a little something from Daichi’s solution to the hostage situation in this episode. He had the Livlaster, and could have easily shot and killed Hana’s assailant in order to save her, but then he would have had that on his conscience. This man (whose name I don’t remember) even seemed to taunt Daichi a little, and to gloat when Daichi silently admits he doesn’t have it in him to shoot someone by dismissing the Livlaster; however, Daichi finds another way to complete the task at hand, thus saving Hana without having to spill any blood. Despite the easy—and, perhaps, obvious—solution, Daichi ultimately refused to compromise his morals. As Daichi was in saving Hana, so should we be in following Christ. The world may provide an obvious, easy, and quick solution to a problem, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right solution. Let us, like Daichi, refuse to compromise our morals, and instead search for a solution to our problems that are in line with Jesus’ teachings.

Content Guide:

Alcohol/Drug Use: Two characters are shown holding glasses of what appears to be champagne

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Kiltgang girl is shown in her usual outfit; CEO’s secretary is wearing a top that shows cleavage; a flashback to young Hana curled up in the water ball (or whatever it is) is shown, which, if you remember, shows Hana naked, although she is curled up, but at one point she does uncurl, and we do see the side of her butt (09:29 – 09:59); another scene shows young Hana curled up in a ball and floating in water, then she is shown uncurled at one point, which again offers a partial view of her butt (10:32 – 11:03); young Hana, curled up in a ball, naked—again (16:38 – 16:43); during the episode preview, the Kiltgang girl is shown in her battle outfit

Violence: Daichi is shown using a simulator to practice piloting and fighting in a robot; a character is shot at; a character is hit in the face with a boomerang; a character hits his head; a character punches a wall several times; robot fights in the preview

Blood/Gore: After a character punches a wall several times, we see something on the wall—it’s dark, but it could be blood


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