Review: One Week Friends, Episode 9: Last Day With Friends


Well, One Week Friends certainly knows how to mess with your head. I’m sure after the last episode you expected there to be some kind of drama with the guy who showed up at the end of the previous episode. Well, you’re going to be disappointed. The vast majority of this episode is actually right along the lines of what you would expect: Kaori and company hanging out, some cute moments between Hase and Kaori, and (maybe not so expectedly) a cute moment between Kiryu and Saki. Honestly, it wasn’t a terribly eventful episode, and yet at the same time it wasn’t boring. I think I’ve called this show relaxing before, and that’s still kind of the case, at least for the most part. Oh, there were a couple parts, to be sure. One such part involves a typical romance anime plot device (although it was as clean as the trope could possibly be, given that this is One Week Friends), and the other was how the episode ends.

Okay, so yes, the guy from the last episode does show up, but much like the last episode he waits until the end to make his appearance, but it’s well played. After a nice, relaxing episode with some romantic undertones, it only makes sense that this guy would come in and essentially throw a wrench into the plans. Now we’re left wondering what will become of Kaori and Hase’s relationship?

A Christian Perspective:

We could really learn a bit about hospitality from Kaori’s mom. She is very inviting to Kaori’s friends (of course, it helps that Kaori doesn’t bring friends home). As Christians, we’re supposed to be willing to invite strangers in (Matthew 25: 35-36, Hebrews 13:2). While I’m sure that sounds scary in today’s society (and I’m sure there is some level of discernment to be had), it doesn’t change the fact that it is a biblical command. So, pay attention to Kaori’s mom (minus her reaction to Hase falling on Kaori) and put some of that into practice the next time you invite a stranger, someone you barely know, or even a friend into your home.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Well, they pull the age-old “guy trips and falls on top of girl” routine, but in true One Week Friends fashion there really aren’t any sexual or perverse connotations added to it

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None

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