Review: Brynhildr in the Darkness, Episode 8: The Clue That Was Left


Note: This will be the last episode that I will review for this series. After talking with my wife, I think it’s wise for me to walk away. She pointed out that the only positive thing I had to say about the show was its plot. This episode really takes the fanservice to the next level, too. So, while I will probably read the episode summaries on Wikipedia (assuming they’re there), I will not be actively watching it anymore.

This show. The plot is engaging, the characters are interesting, but the use of fanservice and sexuality is just absurd. Take the first half of this episode. It starts off well: Ryota is planning to locate and investigate the area revealed in the device, Neko reveals her concerns, and Kazumi even shows up to lend a hand in the search. All of this is fine and great, no problem. Then we get a roughly three minute period of useless fanservice. Oh, I’m sure someone could offer up an excuse for Kazumi’s behavior, but it would just be that: an excuse. Honestly, the actual plot relevant details of this episode were great. It was a very entertaining episode outside of Kazumi’s antics, both in this portion mentioned and later on with Kana. These incidents leave a stain on what could have been a great episode.

Case in point: when Ryota goes to investigate the site revealed in the device. The cops get involved (although why they go to arrest him for checking out a destroyed building, I don’t get), and it turns into a big blow out as the girls get involved as well. We don’t really get an explanation as to why the cops were so aggressive and quick to arrest Ryota, though. My original thought was that they were somehow affiliated with the people who created the witches, but that theory goes out the window with later developments. As usual, the show does a good job of feeding us some new stuff while still leaving us with plenty to anticipate. It’s just a shame that it has to throw so many potential stumbling blocks out along the way.

A Christian Perspective:

I can’t, in good conscience, suggest that Christian viewers even bother with 06:19 – 09:22. There is nothing edifying here, and nothing that contributes to the overall story of Brynhildr is revealed. Save yourself the potential temptation (or point of stumbling) and just skip this section. Honestly, for as much as I enjoy this show (fanservice aside), I couldn’t recommend it to Christians as a whole. If sexual sin was not an issue for you–or if you are a particularly strong Christian–then this is certainly a show that has a decent story (excluding the fanservice, of course).

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “j**z”, 1 “s**t”, 1 “h*ll”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Kazumi is shown sliding her panties off and asking Ryota if he wants to “do it” with her (note that you see nothing except her panties being slid from her thighs down–her skirt is still in place–though that doesn’t make it any less unsavory in terms of content) 06:19 – 06:34; Kazumi removes her top and her bra–she makes moves on Ryota, inviting him to massage her breasts, and at one point he knocks her down and falls on top of her (and somehow she becomes completely naked)–his knee brushes between her legs at one point (I tried to cover the screen as much as possible, but still saw some stuff–I won’t detail too much, but honestly you could probably skip this section without missing anything) (07:00 – 08:58); Kazumi stays at Ryota’s house, and appears to be sleeping in her underwear (you see her in her bra at one point) and she cuddles up to Ryota (08:58 – 09:22); Kazumi makes comments about Kana’s breasts getting bigger and then undoes her shirt–we see the sides of Kana’s breasts (exposure starts at 17:43 – 17:57 although Kana’s chest isn’t shown this entire time)

Violence: A character is punched in the face; Kuroha uses her magic to crush a car and rescue Ryota; cops fire their guns; a character is tackled and choked

Blood/Gore: None

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