Review: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, Episode 5: Thought So


This is one of those shows that I really don’t know how to handle as a Christian. It never gets really fanservicey as far as content goes (characters in their underwear is the worst it’s gotten thus far, I think), but the humor and some of the dialogue can be risqué and vulgar. Moments like these make me wonder if I should drop this show, even though I don’t feel it enticing me to sin. I don’t take pleasure in these jokes, either. This episode certainly wasn’t short on vulgar comments and situations, particularly the first post-credits scene with Mayumi and Sayaka. These are the kinds of things I’m talking about above. Then the show does what brings me back: it shows cute scenes between Usa and Ritsu.

In this episode, Usa ends up picking up one of Ritsu’s books and ultimately becomes interested in it, leading to Ritsu lending it to him. While Usa misses it, the look of pure happiness on Ritsu’s face is just heart-warmingly cute. The little flowers popping up around her while Usa talked about how much he liked her book were amusing, as well. Honestly, I had that thought before: if Usa wanted to get close to Ritsu, then why not ask her to recommend a book to him?

So, here I sit, not entirely sure what to say about this one. On the one hand, it had its vulgar moments, but on the other hand it was a really great episode for cute and awkward moments between Usa and Ritsu. If you’re watching the show, why don’t you share your thoughts below?

A Christian Perspective:

The caricature of Mayumi and Sayaka as devils in this episode is quite apt. At one point, Mayumi makes a comment to the effect of wanting to destroy Usa and Ritsu’s innocence, and she makes it quite clear that she won’t let Usa be happy until she’s happy. Isn’t this exactly what Satan does to us as Christians? He tries to destroy our innocence by leading us away from Christ and enticing us to sin. He does his best to destroy our happiness. Granted, Usa certainly isn’t pure, but he’s also not the worst male lead in a show like this.

Content Guide:

Language: 2 “h**l”; 1 “p***es”; 1 “p***ed”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Sayaka is shown to be drunk

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Although no “naughty bits” are shown, there is a scene where a (drunk) Sayaka is shown on top of Mayumi, trying to kiss her–this includes the flashback to how it all began to happen–both are fully clothed, but the scene itself just strikes me as fanservice–Mayumi also make a comment that’s off color, and Sayaka licks her face at one point–all of this is from 2:12 — 3:20; Mayum is shown in a wet shirt and shorts, with her bra and underwear visible through her wet clothes–during this sequence, Usa also has a fantasy about Ritsu in a similar state 10:23 – 11:31 (or a bit before); Shiro is shown shirtless with a towel around his waist and a towel around his shoulders 13:49 – 13:53; Mayumi is shown wearing a cleavage-revealing top as usual; Sayaka acts like she’s going to kiss Ritsu; crude humor; there is a portion of the episode where all of the characters work together to put together a story–the words have images put to them (although they are simply drawn images), and among those images are a naked Shiro (tied up at one point–no naughty bits shown), a naked Usa (see note on Shiro), and images of items associated with sexual perversity

Violence: A character puts a plastic bag over another character’s head; a character is hit in the face with a bucket; a character is kicked; a character is punched in the face

Blood/Gore: The made-up story version of Shiro is shown being skinned (although no gore is actually shown thanks to censorship)


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