Review: Captain Earth, Episode 4: Assault of the Planetary Gear


Yay for coming back to an episode I started watching a couple weeks ago! If you’ll notice in the content section, I initially tried to actually note every time frame that included the Kiltgang girl. I won’t be doing that again. Marking a specific instance of fanservice is easy enough, but trying to chronicle every appearance of a main character who wears a fanservicey outfit is a lot more challenged. Anyway, on to what I remember of this episode…

If you watched the preview from the previous episode, then you probably figured out that the Kiltgang invades the military base on Earth. Truth be told, I don’t remember much prior to this, except that they masquerade as crepe (and ice cream?) sales people. They get to the base, hack its system, and invade. Their target? Teppei. Basically, if you like your action shows, then this will probably satisfy you. Gunfire and explosions are available aplenty, thought that’s not to say that there isn’t any plot centric information divulged here. Um.. yeah, I really don’t have much to say here.

A Christian Perspective:

The only thing that comes to mind is to comment on the fact that the Kiltgang masqueraded as crepe sales people while on earth. I thought of 1 Peter 5:8, which reads: ” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (NIV). In all honesty, while this was the first verse to come to mind, I think 2 Corinthians 11:14 (And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. (NIV)) would be a better comparison. In both instances, we have the enemy masquerading as something they aren’t. Satan masquerades as an angel of the light, while the Kiltgang masqueraded as sales people. Obviously the two aren’t really comparable in terms of threat, but the point is that both instances refer to enemies pretending to be what they aren’t. If we go back to the verse from 1 Peter, then we can see that we must be alert and of sober mind so that we are not caught off guard like the military base was in this episode.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The beginning of the episode shows the Kiltgang guy shirtless; Kiltgang girl is shown–this, of course, means the usual–skimpy outfit, cleavage 2:56 – 3:06; Akari exposes her stomach to Daichi in an effort to cheer him up, and she starts wriggling–at some point she is also shown from behind, and you can see a small part of her butt crack above her shorts (she’s also shaking her butt) 4:14 – 4:46; Hana is shown having her body scanned, and it’s eventually shown that she’s in her bra–the camera zooms out as the scan finishes to show Hana in her underwear as she is removed from the machine 4:49 – 5:22; Kiltgang girl (Malkin) again (cleavage, and various angles) 8:49 – 8:50, 9:00 – 9:06, 9:14 – 9:27, 9:30 – 9:33, 9:38 – 10:02, 12:49 – 13:28, 13:32 – 13:37,15:11, 15:15 – 15:19, 15:23 – 15:35, 15:42 – 15:47, 15:50 – 15:52, 15:54 – 15:56, 16:03 – 16:13, 16:40 – 16:47, 16:56 – 16:59 ; the camera zooms in on the Kiltgang girl’s breasts (cleavage) at one point 13:01 – 13:11; basically the Kiltgang girl is very involved in this episode

Violence: A mech is stabbed, slashed, and then explodes; exploding vehicles, shots are fired, a mech has its arm blown off, stuff like that

Blood/Gore: A character is shown with blood on his forehead; a character is shown with blood running down his nose and face

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