Review: One Week Friends, Episode 5: New Friends


Well, I’ve now watched the one show that I can view without any reservations or worries for the week. As always, it proved to be touching, heartwarming, and (mostly) relaxing. I say mostly because, to be honest, I think I was feeling a little jealous for Hase. I guess I would be a bad friend in this case. T_T

Anyway, the titles of each episode are fairly straight forward, so as you’ve probably guessed this week’s episode focuses on Kaori making a new friend in the form of Saki Yamagishi. Saki’s an interesting one: her voice is pretty slow and monotone, yet her actions are what you’d expect from a more hyper character. She also seems to be something of a rule breaker, as she completely disregards Karoi’s “only talk to me on the roof” rule. In the end, though, this ends up being a good thing, as Kaori is able to experience new things and is ultimately able to open up a little more. The way the episode ends is also a bit surprising, and great for Hase and his fans alike.

While we still don’t know what it is that causes Kaori’s memory loss, we do find out in this episode that Saki used to have a hard past from bullies. Kiryu reflects on what things used to be like for her in elementary school, compared to how they are now. Saki herself seems to accept Kaori’s condition without much question, simply chalking it up to a “I forget stuff all the time, you just know what day of the week you will” argument. What you would expect to be a heartbreaking, crushing scene near the episode’s end will probably also be a bit surprising in its outcome. All-in-all, One Week Friends is a pretty slow-paced show, but its presentation makes the show not only enjoyable, but something that you (or at least I) anticipate coming back to.

A Christian Perspective:

The only concern here is that some of Saki’s mannerisms are a little off, and that she and Kaori go out on a “date”, although there’s no romantic interest actually involved–it’s just a poorly chosen term.

Hm… well, the only parallel I can think to draw at this point is one of trust. In this episode, Saki seems to trust that Kaori is telling the truth about her memory loss (though Saki just chalks it up to “forgetting” after Kaori simplifies her explanation), despite having never seen Kaori lose her memories. This, of course, is confirmed for Saki near the end of the episode, but she seems to take it at face value. Of course, one scene does show that Saki has hopes that Kaori won’t lose her memories, but we can glean a lesson from this, I think; after all, isn’t this similar to the life of a believer? We believe in God’s promises, even though we have not seen God. In fact, the Bible tells us that though we have not seen Him, we love Him. We choose to trust God based on His word, just as Saki chose to trust Kaori at hers. Just like Saki, we, too, sometimes have periods of doubt, but in the end we trust that our faith will be confirmed. Perhaps some of us find confirmation in different things, but answered prayers would be one way, and of course meeting the Lord face-to-face when we pass from this world will be the ultimate way. Granted, our trust must truly be in Him before that happens, but I think you get the point I’m trying to make.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None

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