Review: Brynhildr in the Darkness, Episode 5: Astronomical Observation


Breast jokes and anime are pretty much a staple of the genre, much like childhood friends and unrequited love. Being a staple, though, doesn’t mean it’s good or welcome, and we as Christian viewers should probably guard ourselves so that we don’t become desensitized and just write it off with a, “Well, what can you do?” attitude. Thankfully, the jokes are mainly near the beginning of the episode, and unlike the previous episode we don’t have to deal with any nudity. Hey, this one’s already better!

Okay, all snarky attitudes or whatever aside, I’d be a liar to say that I’m not enjoying Brynhildr for what it is. This time around we get to explore the character of Kotori, the new character introduced at the end of episode 4 (for those who weren’t paying attention). Of course the obvious suspicion is that Kotori is an assassin sent to kill the other witches, what with her sudden transfer into the school, interest in the astronomy club, and the cut-aways at the end of the previous episode. But are things really that obvious? Maybe not. Kotori certainly doesn’t come across as a threat when confronted with her identity as a witch, and with another AA+ witch tearing through runaways, it certainly seems like Kotori isn’t the biggest threat. Still, Kana’s vision leaves some doubts to be had, and we get to wait until next week to see the conclusion (of course).

Overall I enjoyed this episode. I’m glad that they don’t seem to be intent on making it a constant barrage of fanservice (let’s hope last week’s episode was a hiccup and not a preview of things to come), and the characters themselves are interesting enough. The fact that we’re in on Kuroha’s back story certainly leaves us anticipating when Ryota will find out, and the other characters aren’t exactly boring themselves. I’d like to stick with this one to the end, and barring a sudden detour down excessive fanservice lane, I may be able to do just that.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, I don’t think there’s anything new here content wise to discuss. Lesson wise, we should glean something from Ryota’s willingness to lay down his life for Kuroha. If I have the gist of it, he essentially has the attitude of, “She saved my life, so I’ll live for her”, or something like that. He certainly doesn’t seem to have an issue putting his life at stake if it means Kuroha can live (which is even more of a sacrifice when you consider that Kuroha is dependent on the daily pills to live). We, as Christians, should be just as devoted–if not more–to Christ. Jesus died on the cross to save us, and the only real way to respond to Him dying for us is to live for Him. Unlike Ryota’s situation, though, dying for Christ won’t be the end for us, but only the beginning. Of course, this is easier said than done. Sitting behind a keyboard discussing doctrinal truths (I think that’s the right terminology, anyway) is easy, as is intellectual faith. It’s putting those things into action that becomes a challenge, but faith must take action.

Content Guide:

Language: 2 “s**t”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Bouncing breasts (fully clothed), boob comments, and boob poking scattered throughout 00:17 – 00:46; nipple comment at 2:25; a character licks another character’s face (4:24); more boob comments 6:09 – 6:17; bouncing breasts (clothed) 10:39

Violence: A character is kicked in the face; two characters sort of grapple with each other; a construction site is set fire; a character is hit with a table/desk; a character is blasted with magic

Blood/Gore: A small bit of blood splatters on the ground from a kick to the face; a character is shown holding his bloody nose with blood coming out from between his fingers; a character is holding a cloth with blood on it; a character is shown with blood on her back; a character is shown lying in blood twice; a character is shown carrying two bloody harnests; blood is shown coming from the character blasted with magic

Other: Of course the usual witches/magic stuff


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