Review: One Week Friends, Episode 4: Fighting with Friends


One Week Friends is always a refreshing series to watch. There is no offensive content to speak of, so it’s very easy to just sit back and watch an episode. This week was no exception, even with the heavier, sadder atmosphere that permeated this week’s outing. You especially know you’re enjoying a show when the ending sneaks up on you, and the 20-30 minutes you spent viewing the show feel like only a few. That being said…

This week–as you can probably surmise from the title–centers around Fujimiya and Hase having an argument, which leads to a much greater problem. It also shows the flaw in Hase’s plan for Fujimiya to keep a diary. Having her write down her experiences so that she can read them at the beginning of the week is a great plan–as long as she keeps her hands on the diary. Without that, all of her memories are as good as gone. Of course, one can’t help but wonder why, exactly, Fujimiya seems to be so infatuated with Kiryu, but maybe we’ll find that out as time goes on.

Really, what else can I say here? This continues to be an enjoyable, heart-warming show that is worth looking to each week. The pacing of this episode felt fine–not too rushed, but not too drawn out. If One Week Friends continues like this, it may very well take my spot for favorite show of the season.

A Christian Perspective:

If you find yourself getting frustrated with some of the typical content you encounter in anime, then you really owe it to yourself to at least try One Week Friends. It’s nice to have a show that I can go into knowing that I’ll have nothing to really feel uncomfortable about. It’s also nice not having to pause the show several times to make notes about some content. Contrast that with this week’s episode of Brynhildr in the Darkness…

A valuable lesson from this week is that, if something is valuable to you, then you should fight for it. Of course, I don’t mean physical fighting, but just do whatever it takes to keep it. In Hase’s case, he was willing to go wherever he could possibly thing that Fujimiya may have gone in an effort to find the diary. He wasn’t willing to stop until he found the diary and salvaged his friendship with Fujimiya. If you ever want to know how important something really is to you, think about how hard you’d fight for it if you were in danger of losing it. Imagine if we were this determined in our relationship with Christ..

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: None


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