Review: Brynhildr in the Darkness, Episode 4: Lost Memories


Well, this episode doesn’t waste any time picking up where the previous episode left off. In truth, seeing how the story continued was what made me want to watch this show first today. Right off the bat, we get to see why Ryota wasn’t completely devastated by the ending events of last week’s episode. Admittedly, he took a gamble, but it paid off and brought about victory for our heroes. The first portion of the show focuses on the aftermath of this, as well as the reveal of what, exactly, are in the harnests that the witches wear. Is it disturbing? Well, Ryota certainly thought so.

The show then takes a bit of a more lighthearted turn as Ryota and Kuroha return triumphantly and then go on their school trip. For all the talk about Kuroha seeing the ocean, though, it doesn’t take up much screen time. Given that most anime can kill an entire episode with a beach theme, it wouldn’t have been surprising for the beach trip to take up most of the remaining time. Sadly, a chunk of the episode was devoted to onsen fanservice. Now that I look at the time stamps below, it seems that it only took up two minutes, but it certainly felt longer since I make it a point to detail what happens, so I had to pause, type what happened, and record the time stamps. Still, in my opinion, it was a low point in the episode.

Well, gripes about the fanservice aside, the plot does continue to thicken. There is still the question about what, precisely, the thing crawling toward the harnest was, what is the scoop with the things that Kuroha gives Ryota, and what is the lab up to, to name a few. For now, I’ll keep up with Brynhildr, but if the fanservice content continues to be an issue, it may end up being dropped.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, the previous review already warned you about the blood and violence, so if you’re still here then I guess it isn’t an issue for you. This time around, though, there is a full blown fanservice section, and while a lot of the naughty bits are censored, there’s still enough to be a point of temptation. You fine people have the benefit of now having a guide with time stamps, so you can avoid it if you so choose (seriously, avoid it–there is no real purpose to this series of scenes, so save yourself the temptation and click over it). The question I have to ask myself is what toll is this taking on me? Since I type out the details of what’s going on, I don’t have the luxury of being able to look away, at least not immediately. That’s fine and all for the service I’m providing, but at some point I have to take into consideration the potential toll it will take on my own morals. While I’m not planning to drop Brynhildr at the moment, I will consider it if this continues to be a problem.

On a positive note, this episode can teach us a little something about faith. Ryota is given a bit of information about Kana in the previous information that we are privy to until this episode. Despite having no proof that what Kan said is true, Ryota presses on with his plan instead of losing hope, and is ultimately rewarded–for lack of a better term–for his faith.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “h*ll”, 1 “s**t”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Saori’s ripped up outfit, although you don’t see any revealing parts–it’s basically like a one piece bathing suit; the camera shows the part of Kuroha’s shirt that is ripped and exposing her bra again (although she has her hand over it this time, so you don’t see as much) from 3:47 – 3:54 and 4:25 – 4:36 and 4:58 – 5:10 and 6:24 – 6:29 (it’s important to note that these scenes are from different distances, and she doesn’t always have her hand over her chest); Kazumi shows up at a mixed onsen where Ryota is–she’s shown in a towel (so there’s cleavage, but nothing else) 14:29 – 14:41; Kazumi removes her towel, and is shown from behind, sitting down (you can see her butt) 14:44 – 14:48; Kazumi is messing with Ryota using her foot, which causes him to turn around abruptly–he ends up facing her, with a full frontal camera shot, but thankfully anything inappropriate that you would see is blocked by Ryota’s head and glare 14:56 – 15:00; a different angle shows Ryota and Kazumi from the side, with Ryota staring at Kazumi’s crotch (at this point, though, you can’t see anything inappropriate on Kazumi) 15:00 – 15:03; Kazumi’s bare back is shown from a distance, but you don’t really see anything this time 15:06 – 15:08; Kazumi puts her legs over Ryota’s shoulders and pulls him back–the camera shows her side, but you can’t see any inappropriate body parts 15:09 – 15:13; Kazumi is shown naked from a front angle, but a glare obscures her breasts 15:14 – 15:24; Ryota lunges at “Kazumi”, and this time the camera shows a side shot of a breast as well as Ryota going face first into them 15:29 – 15:31; Ryota is shown on top of a female character, naked–you can see some of his butt, as well as some of the female character’s breast, which Ryota’s hand is on 15:32 – 15:37; the camera zooms in on Ryota’s hand that is groping the girl’s breast, which means a close up shot of that breast as well as the other breast 15:38 – 15:39; a female character is shown in the hot springs from a distance, naked, which allows a fogged view of the side of her breast 15:48 – 15:49; a female character stands up out of the hot spring, so you see a portion of her breasts as well as part of her butt before glare kicks in 16:01 – 16:03

Violence: A character is seemingly sliced apart; a character is impaled with a metal spike (although a black line obscures much of the actual imagery); a character is sliced apart; a character is kicked in the back of the head; a character is kicked in the face

Blood/Gore: A wall is splattered with blood; some blood is seen shooting from the wound of a stabbed character; a character coughs up blood; blood is dripping from a character’s wound and is coming from her mouth; a character is sliced apart and, well, blood; blood is seen coming from an ejected harnest, and the character proceeds to melt; some blood is seen under the melted remains of the character; two characters are shown with blood over several parts of their bodies; a couch has blood on it, and blood is pooled on the floor; a character is shown with blood on her, while sitting in a pool of blood; a character has a bloody nose and blood running from the corner of his mouth


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