Review: Brynhildr in the Darkness, Episode 3: Death Suppressants

Content Guide:

Well, we now know a little more about these witches and their situations. Not only are they lab escapees, they also rely on special pills to keep themselves alive. It’s through this plot device that we are introduced to another escapee, and that our main characters face danger for the first time. It is also a very bloody episode. As the witches approach thirty hours without a pill, their skin starts to crack and they start to bleed. Granted, the animators certainly didn’t go as graphic as they could have. We simply see the characters with blood on their skin/clothes, as opposed to detailed scenes of cracked and splitting skin. In truth, such a thing would probably be much more sickening in real life.

This episode carries with it a bit of tension. Ryota and Kuroha are in a race against time, as they have to get their hands on more pills before Kana reaches the point of death. Of course, this leads to the first fight of the series, a reveal about Kuroha, and quite a shocking ending. It wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a cliff-hanger. At this point, though, I think Brynhildr is showing it’s tone a little more, which is more to the tune of dark and violent. It’s definitely captured my attention, and I’m curious to see where it goes.

A Christian Perpective:

If you’re no fan of violence–and especially blood–then this may be a deal breaker for you. There is a lot of blood in this episode, along with some violent content. I don’t know that it could be argued that the violence is gratuitous or pointless–the conflict serves as a part of the overall plot, although we could debate endlessly about the use of so much blood. Whatever your convictions are on the issue should guide you. Given the fact that the witches bleed profusely without these pills, it’s probably safe to assume that more blood is to come. Of course, we can probably expect more fights too, as we already know that the lab isn’t trying to let them live.

As for fanservice, there is some in this episode. I suppose you could argue that at least the ripping of Kuroha’s dress leads to a plot reveal, but it still doesn’t really strike me as a necessity. Then again, I doubt I’ll ever find fanservice to be a necessity. I’ve intentionally set my mind against it. I suppose that makes me biased, but I cannot, in all honesty, see a purpose for it other than to tempt and entice. Granted, what we see in this episode is mild–you’ll see more if you pass the Victoria’s Secret in your local mall–but still… details are below.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “s**t”, 1 “dumba**”, 1 “da***t”, 1 “d**n”

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Saori’s outfit may be considered slightly fanservicey–the top is kind of like a one piece bathing suit; Part of Kuroha’s dress is cut, which reveals part of her bra (19:28 – 19:30); Saori is shown after having been attacked again, and her outfit is a bit ripped up, although the only really “fanservice” you see is what I assume to be the bottom of her butt from her outfit; Ryota finds Kuroha and notices that her shirt is torn–the camera zooms in on the exposed part of her bra (which also means you can see portions of her breasts that aren’t covered by the bra) 20:17 – 20:24 and 20:32 – 20:34 and 20:50 – 20:53; other shots of Kuroha’s ripped dress at 21:27 – 21:28 and 1:34 – 21:36

Violence: Kana has a vision that shows a character being cut in half, although the carnage is mostly censored with a big black line/bar (this scene is shown twice); two witches fight–one has the power to cut anything within a certain range, which results in her cutting a water container, Kuroha’s dress, and Kuroha’s ankle; Kuroha tries to drop something on the other witch’s head, but she cuts it into pieces; a character is seemingly cut up

Blood/Gore: A character is shown lying on the ground with blood on several parts of her body–she is shown in this state for several minutes; a small trail of blood is seen coming from the corner of another character’s mouth and her nose; Kana’s vision of a character being cut in half contains some blood (this scene is shown twice); some blood can be seen on a tissue in a character’s nose; another character is shown with blood running down several parts of her body; a third character is shown with blood running down her face; blood squirts from a character’s ankle; a flashback to a character who has a lot of blood on her; a LOT of blood is shown being splattered on the walls and floor

Other: Ryota has to pick up Kana, and she tells him not to use it as an opportunity to grope her boobs–he picks her up and asks how she can be this heavy when she doesn’t even have any

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