Review: Captain Earth, Episode 2: The Name of the Gun is Livlaster


It might be a while before I really know what to make of this show. There’s nothing about it that makes me think it’s boring, but at the same time it hasn’t exactly hooked me with any kind of deeply engaging plot. Sure, there’s plot developing: the relationship between Daichi, Teppei, and Hana; the Kiltgang (I think that’s their name) stuff; and what appears to be another enemy faction called the Macbeth Revolution (again, I think I got that right). As of now, though, these are all things that we have to see develop, especially the Macbeth Revolution.

After watching this episode, Daichi may be a bit more like the typical giant robot hero than I previously expected. I don’t know if calling him idealistic is entirely correct, but his personality seems to take on a bit of a carefree flare this time around (or perhaps a rebellious one, seeing as he proceeds to destroy the signal tower shortly after being forced to don the pain-inducing headwear). Despite the previous episode’s long robot transformation sequence, only a portion of this episode is devoted to battle, with the majority of it probably lending itself to plot and character development. This isn’t a bad thing really, unless you were hoping to see lots of giant robot action. I think I’ll be following this one for now in order to see where it goes.

A Christian Perspective:

There’s not a whole lot here to worry about, although some of the skimpy clothing and risqué camera angles could be a point of temptation. If you think this would be the case for you, then maybe skip this one (or at least the marked times)

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Pink-haired girl’s skimpy outfit (as seen in opening credits and later in the episode (where it also shows cleavage), 15:25 – 15:37; 15:47 – 15:53, as well as in the next episode preview); the enemy female pilot is still in the battle suit from last episode, which appears to be skin tight, and the camera has some risque angles (around the 3:32 and the 5:40, 5:50 (approx) mark, for instance); Daichi is shown being put into some kind of machine wearing nothing but his boxers; a woman is shown wearing a top that shows cleavage (14:34 – 14:37); there is a flashback to the young Hana in the bubble from the previous episode, where she was naked, but they didn’t show anything really explicit (although you may be able to see a small part of the side of her breast) from 18:53 – 19:03;

Violence: Things are blown up; a robot is shot; something hits a robot and explodes; a robot is punched, shot (?), and then explodes; a tower is shot and explodes

Blood/Gore: None

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