Review: Brynhildr in the Darkness, Episode 2: Witches


Last episode we found out that Kuroha is a scientifically engineered “witch”. This time, we find out a little more about that, such as the fact that Kuroha is on the lamb from the lab (military?) and that if she’s caught, she’s dead. The same goes for Ryota, since he is now friends with Kuroha. This episode also makes it a point to show us how these “witches” are killed. Apparently, they melt when the little things in the backs of their necks are ejected.

The episode itself has a good balance between its serious elements and its light-hearted, comedic elements. While we certainly find out that Kuroha is in danger (as well as another “witch” who is in hiding with her), that doesn’t stop the episode from having some fun at Kuroha’s expense (especially her singing, and her inability to read basic kanji) or from laying the groundwork for what will probably be a romantic subplot between Kuroha and Ryota. There are some concerns, which I will discuss in the Christian Perspective, but for now the show has given me enough reason to keep coming back, at least for the time being.

A Christian Perspective:

First off, I’ll say this: I found out that this comes from the same creator as Elfen Lied, so it probably isn’t too far off the mark to expect this to get violent. If it does, I suppose the responsible Christian thing to do is to assess whether it’s violence for the sake of violence (perhaps we could use the term “pornoviolence”, which I read on another Christian anime blog once), or whether the violence actually serves a point to the story (such as in The Pilot’s Love Song). Brynhildr already starts off better than Elfen, though, in the sense that the first half of the first episode wasn’t devoted to showing a naked female character. Of course, this episode does show some nudity, and though it isn’t sexual in nature, it still isn’t necessary (as fanservice never is). The time stamps are included if you want to skip those scenes.

The other issue Christians may find with this show is in the terminology–“witches”. This will, of course, depend upon your personal convictions when it comes to fiction, although their powers are scientifically engineered (plus, there’s another spoiler that I came across that I won’t post here).

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “h*ll”, 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Two female characters are shown bound in a military vehicle, naked–amount of nudity shown equates to one girls butt and the majority of another girl’s breasts–there’s about as much detail as you’d see on a Barbie doll (4:22 – 4:29; and again at 11:42 – 11:45, although this time you only see one girl’s butt); a female character is shown lying naked on her stomach, strapped to a table, although the glare of the light obscures what you would otherwise see (that is, her butt), from 18:17 – 18:22

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: A female witch has the thing in her neck ejected out, which results in a little blood coming out of the metal port, and which results in her seemingly melting; a character gets a nosebleed, and several drops of blood hit the ground


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