Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 13: The Sky Where You Are


If I had to sum up the final episode of The Pilot’s Love Song in one word it would be “underwhelming”. I had expected something centering around the attempt to re-take Claire, but what we get instead is a homecoming, as all of the people from Isla return to their homeland. True, Kal does make an appeal to the people for a second Isla project in order to retrieve Claire, but plans don’t exactly amount to action. Most of the episode centers around the characters, their relationships, and what their lives are like post-return. I suppose it’s not “bad” in the sense that it’s not entertaining, but it’s certainly not what I was hoping to see.

Admittedly, there are a couple of interesting points in this episode. Kal’s RA, for example, is revealed to be more than she appears. What that is, exactly, isn’t explained, but it certainly leaves the viewer guessing (and, perhaps, holding onto hope for a second season). The ending of the episode finally gives the viewers what they wanted–Kal attempting to rescue Claire. If you wanted one final dose of action, then the final episode delivers, although it certainly doesn’t end with a solid conclusion. Whether this will be the end of the series or the starting point for a second season can only be guessed at right now.

A Christian Perspective:

In terms of content, there is some bad language–including one use of blasphemy, characters are shown with glasses of what I assume is beer (although whether this is an issue for you or not will ultimately depend on what you believe about Christians and alcohol), and some violent imagery.

In terms of message, this episode continues with the theme of forgiveness. Kal’s speech to the crowd is a good example of this in particular, and it is a lesson that all of us who claim the name of Christ could stand to learn from.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d**n”; 1 “j**z”

Alcohol/Drug Use: Characters are shown with glasses full of what is presumably beer

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: A character is punched in the stomach; at the end of the episode is a battle–planes are shot down and whatnot

Blood/Gore: None

1 thought on “Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 13: The Sky Where You Are

  1. medievalotaku

    I gotta get back to watching this show. My anime watching has been very sporadic of late due to a bad internet connection.

    I’d have to say that Christian prohibitions against alcohol make a very interesting history. It’s deeply tied in to the American experience in the early 19th century, when the drinking rate climbed to 21 gallons per capita! That’s taking the population of all adults from the age of fifteen and up and translates to an average person drinking half a liter of hard liquor per day. And so developed the Abstainers (no hard liquor, just wine or beer), Teetotalers, and Prohibitionists. Of course, when American Prohibitionists brought their ideas to Europe, they were laughed down. A great history, but more based on solving the problems in 19th century America than the Bible.


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